Pre-Grouping vans for ‘OO’

Rapido Trains is set to offer modellers of pre-Grouping railway companies a series of fictional ready-to-run ‘Iron Mink’ metal-bodied vans.


The GWR pioneered the metal-bodied vans and the basic design was adopted by private wagon builders and other railway companies. To capitalise on its newly-tooled 'Iron Mink', Rapido Trains UK is to offer a selection of fictional liveries on these vehicles for pre-Grouping modellers.

The proposed liveries include Caledonian Railway gunpowder van No. 34 (Cat No. 908022), Great Northern Railway gunpowder van No. 13207 (908023), L&Y gunpowder van No. 30897 (908024), Taff Vale Railway van No. 5352 (908025), Barry Railway van No.1343 (908026), North British Railway gunpowder van No. 65410 (908027), NER gunpowder van No. 7559 (908028), Greaves of Harbury van No. 242 (908029), 908030 Blue Circle Cement van No. 208 (90803) and 908033 G Fawkes gunpowder van No. 1605 (908033).

Priced at £32.95 each, they are due for release in late 2023/early 2024.

Visit Rapido Trains for more information.