Providence Colliery - the Dean Forest in 'OO' gauge

Gauge: 'OO' | Period: 1965 | Region: Western | Operating Team: Theo Thomas and friends

Providence Colliery by Theo Thomas in OO gauge.

Coal has been mined in the West Gloucester area known as The Forest of Dean since before Roman times. By 1787 there were 121 small coal mines in the Forest, and by 1841 over 145,000 tonnes of coal was produced annually. Some coal was used locally, the rest was destined for markets outside the Forest. After nationalisation in 1947, the National Coal Board took over the larger collieries, and licensed smaller ones. However, water ingress and flooding was always a severe problem in Forest of Dean mines, and the last big collieries like Northern United closed in 1965.

Providence Colliery is based upon several collieries in the Forest of Dean in the late 1950s. It represents a drift mine, as most of the ‘gales’ (coal measures) follow a shallow slope into the hillsides. You can see where the full coal ‘tubs’ emerge from the mine entrance tunnel, before the coal is unloaded into standard gauge British Railways (WR) wagons marshalled below the ‘screens’ building.

This layout is 16.5mm gauge, 1:76 scale and DCC (digitally) controlled, using NCE Powercabs, with sound on-board most of the locomotives. Point control is by DCC controlled Tortoise motors and MERG driven servos. Buildings are either scratchbuilt, or modified and detailed models from Petite Properties. Spratt & Winkle delayed action couplings are employed, using concealed magnets for operation. Locomotives are by Hornby and Bachmann, whilst the rolling stock is modified proprietary or kit built. 

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