Rails announces exclusive Accurascale Class 60

Rails of Sheffield has commissioned Accurascale to produce an exclusive ‘OO’ gauge model of Class 60 60033 Tees Steel Express in EWS/British Steel blue.


60033 was one of two Class 60s painted in the bright blue colour scheme in 1997 to promote the steel industry. Tees Steel Express carried the livery until the end of 2000, when it was repainted in Corus silver.

This locomotive will use the same tooling suite as the main range of Accurascale Class 60 locomotives and is set to feature a comprehensive and fully controllable lighting suite of cab, desk, radiator room and directional lighting. In addition, the model will feature a heavy die-cast chassis, five-pole motor, twin flywheels, all-wheel drive and pick-up, factory-fitted stay alive, 21-pin Digital Command Control (DCC) socket and more.

Rails of Sheffield's exclusive model of 60033 is expected to be released in early 2025 along with the main range of Accurascale’s 'OO' gauge Class 60s, with DCC Ready models priced at £169.99 and DCC sound fitted models costing £269.99.

◘ Visit www.railsofsheffield.com for more information.