VIDEO: Rails of Sheffield Terrier in 'OO' gauge

VIDEO: Rails of Sheffield
'Terrier' in 'OO' gauge

In the July 2020 issue of Hornby Magazine (HM157) we review Rails of Sheffield's new 'OO' gauge 'Terrier' in full. Join us now as we put it through its paces on our 'OO' gauge test track.

Rails Terrier

Rails of Sheffield's eagerly awaited all-new Dapol produced 'OO' gauge model of the Stroudley 'Terrier' 0-6-0T arrived in the Hornby Magazine for review during May. Twelve versions of this compact tank engine are being released covering original 'A1' and later rebuilt 'A1X' locomotives in a variety of colour schemes. 

Our sample models 32661 in BR lined black with late crests on the side and for this video we have equipped it with a ZIMO MX659N18 decoder to make full use of the factory installed speaker. It also has firebox flicker which operates on both analogue and digital control. 

Watch our sample running at the head of a freight train here and you can read our full review in HM157 or online using the link below. In addition, subscribers can view a 'how to' sound installation video with Hornby Magazine Editor Mike Wild using the link below.

Rails Terrier

Click here to watch our sound installation video for the Rails 'Terrier' for 'OO'.

Click here to read our full review of the new Rails of Sheffield 'Terrier' for 'OO' gauge.