Rapido reveals new batch of 1907 RCH open wagons

Rapido Trains UK has announced a second batch of RCH 1907 open wagons for ‘OO’, now with a new body tooling that can cover four different wagon types.

A selection of seven-plank wagons covering private owner, South Eastern and Chatham Railway (SECR), London Brighton and South Coast Railway (LBSCR) and Great Northern Railway (GNR) are being produced.

The RCH seven-plank side door variant was used by many private owners with construction for some starting prior to First World War. A number of liveries are planned including WD grey, Middleton Colliery dark red, John Davis & Sons grey, S. Brookman grey, J.L.Davis & Co. red, Lockhurst Lane Co-operative Society Ltd brown, Gittings & Sons grey, CORY red and two ex-private owner wagons with faded liveries of Wilks and Henry Hall & Sons both in BR condition.

In addition four ‘what if’ liveries based on the ‘Big Four’ railway companies’ most well known chief mechanical engineer are set to be produced. These wagons are set to appear as 4468 with H.N. Gresley lettering in garter blue, 6220 with Stanier lettering in crimson lake, 21C1 with O.V.S. Bullied lettering in malachite green and 6000 with Charles Collett lettering in olive green.

Some 'What If' liveries are also planned.

The SECR s-plank mineral wagons (SR Dai. 1357) were constructed by the SECR and were used to carry coal from areas like Kent. These are set to appear in SECR early light grey with two running numbers, SECR late dark grey also with two running numbers, SECR late dark grey (loco coal), Southern Railway (SR) pre 1936 brown and SR post 1936 brown.

The LBSCR seven-plank 12 ton coal wagons (SR Dai. 1373) were built in 1911 and were built to the same drawings as the earlier SECR wagons. These will be produced in two liveries with two running numbers per livery, LBSCR grey and SR Brown.

After the First World War the GNR received 50 seven-plank wagons, replacing those damaged or lost during the conflict, all were then put to work on locomotive coal duties. These are set to appear in GNR brown, LNER grey (early), LNER grey (late) and LNER train ferry white.

LNER and GNR liveries are also planned.

All wagons will feature full external and internal detailing with underframe detailing present as well. All wagons will have brass bearings and NEM coupling pockets.

Prices are set at £32.95 each and all four types are currently at the tooling stage with a delivery date yet to be confirmed.

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