Rapido confirms ‘S160’ and Manning Wardle ‘L’

Rapido Trains UK has confirmed that it is developing all-new ‘OO’ gauge models of the USATC ‘S160’ 2-8-0 and Manning Wardle ‘L’ Class 0-6-0ST.


Both locomotives have been the subject of a teaser campaign by Rapido Trains UK in recent weeks.

Rapido’s new ‘OO’ gauge ‘S160’ has been in development for the past year and is currently at the design stage with CAD drawings in progress. During research the development team discovered that no two preserved examples of  the locomotives are the same and there are also detail differences between the as-built batches of these American built locomotives, as they were constructed at different manufacturers.


Rapido Trains UK is planning to produce models in original as-built condition, as seen in use in the UK and the tooling suite will also enable several preserved examples to be replicated too. 


The manufacturer has also confirmed that it is developing a ‘OO’ gauge Manning Wardle ‘L’ Class 0-6-0ST from scratch.

Built for industrial and light railway use between the early 1880s and mid 1920s, these distinctive locomotives featured double-bossed wheels and were produced with various add-on options. Three examples have been preserved including one – Matthew Murray – at the Middleton Railway.


Currently also at the design stage, Rapido’s new ‘OO’ gauge model will be offered in open and enclosed cab forms, while the tooling will enable different pipe, frame and wheel options to be produced

Identities, liveries and prices for both projects have yet to be confirmed.

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