Rapido GWR Dia. N19 and Dia. O18 for ‘OO’

Rapido Trains UK has announced plans for a series of newly-tooled Great Western Railway (GWR) Diagram (Dia.) N19 and O18 wagons for ‘OO’ gauge.

kmw_rapido_gwr_018_n19_wagon 2

The GWR Dia. O18 wagons were built in 1902 with the addition of a fifth plank to the preceding four plank design. These wagons would then go on to become the standard design for the GWR. They had a 10ton carrying capacity (up-rated to 12 later in life) and used a 16ft underframe. The O18s featured a tapered foot drop door differentiating it again from wagons prior to the O18: this would later feature on other GWR wagons.


The GWR Dia. N19 were used by the GWR to transport loco coal around the network to where it was needed. They were 10ton coal wagons with iron bodies and can trace their design back to 1889 with the N6. The N19 wagon had DCIII breaks and rounded corners and a 5ft 4in drop door on each side. Many of these wagons survived into British Rail ownership.

Rapido Trains is producing numerous liveries for both diagrams of wagons.


The 'OO' gauge Dia. O18 wagons will be produced in GWR grey with 25in letters, GWR grey with 16in letters, GWR grey with post 1936 lettering, BR (W) grey, BR Grey. All of these wagons come with three different running numbers per livery. They will also be available in Rhymney Railway grey, Port of Bristol Authority blue, Port of London Authority brown and Manchester Ship Canal black. All will be supplied with an optional sheet rail that can be attached if required.


The Dia. N19 wagons will be available in GWR livery with 25” letters, GWR livery with 16” letters, GWR livery with post 1936 lettering, BR (W) livery and BR Grey. There are two different running numbers for each livery variation available.

Each will feature turned metal wheels, brass bearings, underframe detail, NEM pockets and more.

Priced at £32.95 each, they are available to pre-order now.

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