Rapido launches BR fish van

Rapido Trains UK has announced that it is developing an all new ‘OO’ gauge  BR Diagram 1/801 fish van.


Influenced by pre nationalisation London and North Eastern Railway (LNER) fish vans that BR built from 1949 to the LNER Dia.214 and the later Dia.800, the Dia.1/801 featured many similar features to the LNER vans that preceded them. The Dia.1/801 fish van had a 15ft wheelbase and a 21ft 8in body. Unlike previous vans they featured roller bearings, allowing the new vans to travel at speeds up to 60mph.

A myriad of livery variations are planned for the all new fish vans.

With a decline in fish traffic on the East Coast Main Line the vans were transferred to other duties, namely parcels traffic and coded as Special Parcels Vehicle (SPV), later NRV under Total Operations Processing System (TOPs). The vans were turned out in BR rail blue. Some other vans found homes in engineering, barrier vehicle and breakdown train use. Some vans survive today, with examples being present at the Great Central Railway.

Some will appear with TOPs codes.

Rapido’s all new Dia 1/801 fish van is the first time that this wagon has been represented ready-to-run for ‘OO’ gauge. The wagons will feature a moulded body, separately fitted items such as steps on engineers’ examples, multiple buffer styles, metal bearings, separate label boards and more.

Original fish van condition wagons are set to benefit from three different running numbers.

Myriad liveries are planned with wagons set to appear in fish van white with blue spot (Cat No. 957001-003), fish van ‘ice blue’(957004-006), Parcels BR blue with SPV (957007-008) and NRV (957009-010) TOPs codes and barrier van brown (957011) or blue (957012). Departmental vans are set to appear in red with ‘wasp stripes’ (957013), yellow with ‘wasp stripes’ (957014), BR blue (957015) and all over black with red buffer shanks (957016). Multiple running numbers are planned with both livery of fish vans set to be available with three running numbers, while the parcels vans are set to appear with two different running numbers for SPV and NRV TOPs variations.

Rapido Trains UK has taken delivery of Engineering prototypes for its all new BR fish vans.

Currently at the tooling stage, Engineering Prototype (EP) samples have arrived for assessment by the development team.

Prices are set at £34.95 per wagon with a delivery date yet to be confirmed.

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