Rapido reveals four new 'OO' locomotive projects

Rapido Trains UK has revealed its Winter release plans with four new ‘OO’ gauge locomotive projects heading the line-up

The manufacturer's new release schedule includes all-new South Eastern and Chatham Railway (SECR) ‘O1’ 0-6-0s, Port of Par Bagnall 0-4-0STs and London and North Eastern Railway (LNER) ‘J52/2’ 0-6-0STs, together with the return of the Great Northern Railway Stirling 'Single' No. 1 with all-new Sturrock tender.


The SECR ‘O1’ 0-6-0s were rebuilt from South Eastern Railway (SER) ‘O’ Class 0-6-0s which had been introduced between 1878 and 1899. They featured larger boilers and were primarily utilised on branch line, shunting and light duties. The class remained in service until 1962. One example has been preserved at the Bluebell Railway.

Rapido’s all-new ‘OO’ gauge model has been designed from scratch using a full survey of the preserved locomotive at the Bluebell Railway as well as archive material.


Currently ready for tooling, the specification will include a high-quality mechanism, Next18 Digital Command Control (DCC) decoder socket, firebox glow and factory-fitted speaker, with 12 different models planned for the initial batch of releases covering liveries carried throughout their long careers, including an exclusive edition for Rails of Sheffield. See Table 1 below.. 


Priced at £199.95 DCC ready and £309.95 DCC sound fitted, a release date has yet to be confirmed.

Rapido’s second all-new ‘OO’ gauge locomotive models a pair of Cornish industrial steam locomotives, the Port of Par Bagnall 0-4-0STs Alfred and Judy.


Built in the mid-1930s, the first locomotive arrived for use at Par harbour in 1937 and was eventually named Judy in the mid-1950s. The second locomotive arrived in 1954 and was named Alfred after the harbour manager Alfred Truscott. This locomotive also displayed detail differences from the earlier arrival with different bunker style, tank and handrail alterations. Judy remained in use until 1969, while Alfred continued in operation until 1977. Both have subsequently been preserved and are resident at the Bodmin and Wenford Railway in Cornwall. Both engines also inspired Reverend W. Awdry’s portrayal of Bill and Ben in his railway story books.


Currently in tooling, Rapido’s all-new ‘OO’ gauge models will feature a smooth-running mechanism, flywheel, plunger pick-ups, Next18 DCC decoder socket and factory-fitted speaker.

Two special edition Port of Par twin packs are planned containing the locomotives in 1960s dark lined green and as-preserved lined light green, together with two single packs containing an unnamed example in plain dark green and a Port of Par lined yellow example with Alfred nameplates (as preserved).


Twin packs are priced at £279.95 DCC ready and £499.95 DCC sound fitted. Single packs are set at £139.95 DCC ready and £249.95 DCC sound fitted. A release date has yet to be confirmed. 

Rapido Trains UK’s third all-new ‘OO’ gauge locomotive project models the LNER ‘J52/2’ 0-6-0ST. Initially built for the Great Northern Railway as ‘J13’ 0-6-0STs in the late 1890s, 85 examples were completed. They were based on the domeless ‘J14’, but featured a refined design with a more efficient and domed boiler. Under LNER ownership the domed ‘J13s’ were reclassified as ‘J52/2’ 0-6-0STs.


Design on the new models is complete, with the model awaiting a tooling slot. The manufacturer is planning 12 different models in the first tranche of releases in original GNR ‘J13’ guises, as well as LNER ‘J52/2’ appearances as well with liveries covering myriad colour schemes from GNR green to BR lined black with late crests. An exclusive model of the National Collection’s GNR ‘J52/2’ 0-6-0ST 1247 in GNR lined green has also been commissioned by Locomotion Models


The specification includes a heavy die-cast chassis block, smooth mechanism, Next18 DCC decoder socket, flywheel and plunger pick-ups, together with detail differences between models to the chimney, safety valves, coal bunker style, dome type and more. Prices are set at £164.95 DCC ready and £279.95 DCC sound fitted. A release date has yet to be confirmed.

Finally, Rapido Trains UK is re-releasing its ‘OO’ gauge Great Northern Railway (GNR) Stirling ‘Single’ No. 1, originally produced for Locomotion Models and the National Railway Museum, but with an all-new low profile Sturrock tender to reflect the condition it was restored to in the 1930s and remained in through much of its preservation.


The manufacturer is also manufacturing a second run of the original museum condition release of the GNR Stirling ‘Single’ No. 1 for Locomotion Models, which will feature the previous larger tender produced several years ago.


Priced at £249.95 DCC ready and £349.95 DCC sound fitted, release is expected during Winter 2024.

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SECR 'O1' 0-6-0 65, Wainwright green (as preserved) 966001 £199.95/£309.95
SECR 'O1' 0-6-0 373, Wainwright green 966002 £199.95/£309.95
SECR 'O1' 0-6-0 385, SECR grey 966003 £199.95/£309.95
SECR 'O1' 0-6-0 A7, SR lined black (Egyptian lettering) 966004 £199.95/£309.95
SECR 'O1' 0-6-0 1437, SR plain black (Egyptian lettering) 966005 £199.95/£309.95
SECR 'O1' 0-6-0 1046, SR Bulleid black 966006 £199.95/£309.95
SECR 'O1' 0-6-0 1379, SR Bulleid sunshine 966007 £199.95/£309.95
SECR 'O1' 0-6-0 100, East Kent Railway black 966008 £199.95/£309.95
SECR 'O1' 0-6-0 s1065, British Railway sunshine 966009 £199.95/£309.95
SECR 'O1' 0-6-0 31064, British Railways black, early crests 966010 £199.95/£309.95
SECR 'O1' 0-6-0 31065, British Railways black, late crests 966011 £199.95/£309.95
GNR 'J13' 0-6-0ST 1210, GNR green 958001 £164.95/£279.95
GNR 'J13' 0-6-0ST 1234, GNR grey 958002 £164.95/£279.95
LNER 'J52/2' 0-6-0ST1228, L&NER black with red lining 958003 £164.95/£279.95
LNER 'J52/.2' 0-6-0ST 4226, LNER with red lining 958004 £164.95/£279.95
LNER 'J52/2' 0-6-0ST 4217, LNER black with shaded lettering 958005 £164.95/£279.95
LNER 'J52/2' 0-6-0ST 8832, NE black 958006 £164.95/£279.95
LNER 'J52/2' 0-6-0ST 68817, British Railways black 958007 £164.95/£279.95
LNER 'J52/2' 0-6-0ST 68838, BR black, early crests 958008 £164.95/£279.95
LNER 'J52/2' 0-6-0ST 68832, BR black, late crests 958009 £164.95/£279.95
LNER 'J52/2' 0-6-0ST No. 2, BR black, late crests (departmental) 958010 £164.95/£279.95
LNER 'J52/2' 0-6-0ST 68846, BR lined black, late crests 958011 £164.95/£279.95
GNR 'J13' 0-6-0ST 1247, GNR green (1960s railtour condition) 958012 £164.95/£279.95
LNER 'J52/2' 0-6-0ST 68845, Departmental black, Doncaster Works Yard (Rails exclusive edition) 958013 £164.95/£279.95
Port of Par Bagnall 0-4-0STs (x2), lined dark green (Special twin-pack) 968001 £279.95/£499.95
Port of Par Bagnall 0-4-0STs (x2), as-preserved lined light green (Special twin-pack) 968002 £279.95/£499.95
Port of Par Bagnall 0-4-0ST, unlined dark green 968003 £139.95/£249.95
Port of Par Bagnall 0-4-0ST Alfred, as-preserved Port of Par yellow 968004 £139.95/£249.95
Stirling Single No.1 - 1930 condition 947001/947501 £249.95/£349.95
Stirling Single No.1 - Museum condition (Locomotion exclusive) 947002/947502 £249.95/£349.95