UPDATED: Rapido unveils ‘S160’ roster

Rapido Trains UK has unveiled the full line-up of its all-new ‘OO’ gauge ‘S160’ 2-8-0s.

Preserved examples will also be available.

The United States Army Transportation Corps (USATC) ‘S160s’ were built to the UK loading gauge for use on Britain’s railways initially – and more importantly, mainland Europe following the D-Day landings 80 years ago. More than 2,000 were built and many initially operated on the ‘Big Four’ railways before being shipped to Europe. Others ended up further afield, including in China. Eight have been preserved and moved to the UK, with more surviving abroad.

The locomotives will feature a dual LED firebox glow.

Ten ‘S160s’ are planned in the initial line-up and will feature differences to reflect the changes in their duties including lamp irons, right or left-hand drive, straight or stepped running boards, piston valve covers and smokebox doors. All locomotives will feature as standard dual factory-fitted speakers, twin LED firebox glow with dynamic fire draw, twin flywheel motor and 21-pin Digital Command Control (DCC) socket.

Liveries and identities planned are Great Western Railway 1604 in black (Cat No. SKU 926001), London Midland & Scottish Railway 2415 in dark grey (SKU 926002) and London and North Eastern Railway 1712 in light grey (SKU 926003). All three models have ‘USA’ on the tender. Southern Railway (SR) 2356 appears in light grey with ‘Transportation Corps USA’ on the tender (SKU 926004), while 700 Major General Carl R Grey Jr is in Longmoor Military Railway blue (SKU 926005). Preserved models are 5820 Big Jim in light grey with ‘Transportation Corps USA’ on the tender (SKU 926006), 6046 in black with ‘USA’ on the tender (SKU 926007) and 2253 Omaha in maroon with ‘Transportation Corps USA’ on the tender (SKU 926008). They are joined by 95820 Big Jim in fictional British Railways BR black with early emblem (SKU 926009) and 5197 in black with ‘USA’ on the tender (SKU 926010).

Several retailer exclusives have also been commissioned including 2044 in WD green (926011) for Clark Rail Works, together with WD701 Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1990s preserved condition in Longmoor Military Railway Blue (926012) and 2582 Pvt. H.J. O’Brien in black with USA Transportation Corps on the tender (926013) for Rails of Sheffield.

Rapido is producing a single-page document for each of the locomotives in the range, detailing the history, specific characteristics of each locomotive and the date that the model is appropriate for.

Currently at the tooling stage, first Engineering Prototype (EP) samples are expected later this autimn. Prices are set at £269.95 for DCC Ready examples and £379.95 for DCC sound fitted models. A release date has yet to be confirmed.

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