Rapido and TRS go full steam ahead!

Rapido Trains UK has revealed that it has teamed up with TRS Trains to offer ready-to-run smoke-fitted models for its UK and North American markets.

Rapido Trains UK.

The deal covers two projects – a yet-to-be revealed large ‘OO’ gauge locomotive for the UK market and a forthcoming ‘HO’ scale North American project.

TRS Trains’ smoke system synchronises the exhaust with the ‘chuff’ rate on a locomotive’s digital sound decoder, emitting water vapour from the chimney.

Rapido Trains UK Sales and Marketing Manager Richard Foster says: “This technology is fantastic and looks so realistic, especially when you see models fitted with working drain cocks. What’s amazing about it is that it just uses cold water. No oil or heating elements or anything which might be hazardous or might damage your model.”

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