Rapido 'Conflat P' for 'N'

'Conflat P' for 'N'

                                                                                                                              photo: Rapido Trains UK

Rapido Trains UK is to produce the 'Conflat P' container wagon as its next 'N' gauge wagon project.

Introduced for use on BR's diesel-hauled Anglo-Scottish door-to-door 'Condor' freight service in 1959, 60 Diagram 1/60 'Condor P' wagons were developed to maximise the payload in each direction. Rebuilt from redundant plate wagons, each could carry one Type A and one BD container. Following withdrawal in 1964, they were rebuilt as 'Timber P' timber carrying wagons.

                                                                                                                             photo: Rapido Trains UK   

Rapido Trains UK's newly-tooled 'N' gauge models will be the perfect accompaniment for its previously-announced Metropolitan-Vickers Type 2 (BR Class 28) Co-Bo diesel and will feature a highly-detailed chassis and open underframe, new Dia. 3/001 Type A and Dia. 3/050 BD containers, metal wheel bearings and NEM coupler pockets.

                                                                                                                           photo: Rapido Trains UK

Currently in tooling, 15 different individual models are planned, together with three triple-wagon packs. While the chassis will be finished in BR bauxite, the containers will be offered in BR crimson and BR 'door-to-door' bauxite, and each will feature unique running and container numbers. Incidentally, the containers will only be available with the 'Conflat P' wagon initially, although there are plans to sell them separately in due course.

                                                                                                                        photo: Rapido Trains UK
                                                                                                                        photo: Rapido Trains UK

Prices are set at £29.95 for individual wagons and £87.95 for the triple wagon packs. Release is scheduled for early 2022.

Visit www.rapidotrains.co.uk for more information.