Rapido reveals ‘OO’ LNWR Covered Vans

Rapido Trains UK has unveiled plans to produce a series of all-new ‘OO’ gauge London and North Western Railway (LNWR) Diagram D88 covered vans.


First introduced in 1908, the LNWR’s Diagram D88 covered vans became the company standard with more than 6000 built at its Earlestown Works and through outside contractors by Grouping. Examples remained in revenue service into the 1960s with British Railways, as well as finding further employment in departmental and private use. Several have been preserved at the National Railway Museum, Severn Valley Railway and Chatham Historic Dock.


Representing Rapido Trains UK’s first venture into LNWR territory, the manufacturer is planning to release 17 different models in the initial batch covering LNWR, LMS, BR, departmental and internal user liveries, each with unique running numbers.


The company’s extensive tooling suite will enable variations between vehicles to be modelled such as wooden or iron roofs, square of incurved headstocks, single-rib, two-rib or three-bolt buffers, horizontal and vertical planked cupboard doors, flat or bulbous axles and unfitted of through-piped condition. Split-spoke or solid wheels will also be fitted, according to prototype.


Development of Rapido’s new ‘OO’ gauge LNWR Diagram 88 covered vans is at an advanced state, with the models already at the Engineering Prototype sample stage of the process.

Priced at £32.95 each, release is anticipated during the third quarter of 2024.

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