Rapido Trains UK unveils new 'N' gauge SECR wagons


Rapido Trains UK is introducing a new collection of ‘N’ gauge South Eastern and Chatham Railway (SECR) wagons.


The manufacturer is utilising development work from its recent ‘OO’ gauge SECR wagon projects for these all-new ‘N’ gauge releases which will include a Diagram 1349 five-plank open, Diagram 1355 seven-plank open, Diagram 1426 10ton van and six-wheel dual verandah brake van.


A series of ‘N’ gauge ‘Freight Train Packs’ are planned which will showcase the new models, including four-wagon packs containing one example of each wagon in matching liveries, while a further series of themed triple-wagon packs will also be available containing three of each wagon type – five-plank open, seven plank open or 10ton van - individually numbered in matching colour schemes.


Currently at the design stage of the development process, all the new ‘N’ gauge SECR wagon packs will be offered in SECR, Southern Railway (pre-1936), Southern Railway (post 1936) and BR grey liveries.


Prices are set at £69.95 for the triple wagon packs and £99.95 for the four wagon freight train packs. Delivery is expected in early 2023.


Visit Rapido Trains UK for more information.