RCH 1907 wagons in ‘OO’ for Rapido

Rapido Trains UK is to produce five and seven-plank open wagons built to the Railway Clearing House’s 1907 standards for ‘OO’.


The models are based on 9ft wheelbase underframes and will feature ribbed or smooth-tapered buffers, square, rounded or Ellis axleboxes, straight or bent ‘V’ hangers, split or solid-spoke wheels and single or double-sided brakes.


Currently at the CAD drawing stage, 34 different models are planned initially split between five and seven-plank options (see table for more details)

Priced at £32.95 each, they are due for release in late 2023/early 2024.

Visit Rapido Trains for more information.


Type Identity Cat No.

Five-plank open Alfred Pratt, Dinton 967001

Five-plank open J. Jones & Co, Malvern 967002

Five-plank open John Arnold & Sons, Wickwar 967003

Five-plank open E.A. Stevenson,Sheffield 967004

Five-plank open Crook & Greenaway, Cheltenham 967005

Five-plank open Star Bleaching Co, Horwich 967006

Five-plank open Fulton, London NW1 967007

Five-plank open John Allbutt, Worcester 967008

Five-plank open Griff, Nuneaton 967009

Five-plank open Lyle & Son, Hereford 967010

Five-plank open Wadsworths, Barnsley 967011

Five-plank open South Leicester, Coalville 967012

Five-plank open Foster Bros, Carlisle 967013

Five-plank open John Smith & Sons, Aberfeldy 967014

Seven-plank open S. Skinner, Melksham 967201

Seven-plank open Lunt, Birmingham-London-Manchester 967202

Seven-plank open George Moxon & Sons, Huddersfield 967203

Seven-plank open Bessey & Palmer, Great Yarmouth 967204

Seven-plank open Bullcroft Main Colliery, Doncaster 967205

Seven-plank open Edinburgh Collieries Co Ltd, Musselburgh 967206

Seven-plank open Albert Usher & Co, London 967207

Seven-plank open Annesley Colliery Co Ltd (Notts) 967208

Seven-plank open Ernest Thomas & Jenkins, Swansea 967209

Seven-plank open Renwick, Wilton & Co Ltd (Devon) 967210

Seven-plank open Glasshoughton Colliery, Pontefract 967211


Seven-plank open Firestone Tyres 967212

Seven-plank open The Bwlach Colliery Co Ltd, Hirwain 967213

Seven-plank open Staveley Coal & Iron Co, Chesterfield 967214

Seven-plank open Rhymney Iron Co Ltd, Rhymney 967215

Seven-plank open Harrisons, London 967216

Seven-plank open John J. Tims, Willesden 967217


Seven-plank open Ormiston Coal Company (nr Edinburgh) 967218

Seven-plank open No.09244, GWR 967219

Seven-plank open No.05057 GWR 967220