Revolution Ecofrets surface for ‘N’ and ‘OO’

Revolution Ecofrets
surface for ‘N’ and ‘OO’

Engineering Prototype (EP) samples of Revolution Trains’ forthcoming Ecofret container wagons in ‘N’ and ‘OO’ have arrived for evaluation, representing another first for the manufacturer as it simultaneously progresses models in two different scales.

Developed by wagon leasing specialists VTG in 2012, these 40ft FWA Ecofret container wagons are noticeably shorter than conventional 60ft vehicles. Freightliner operates the wagons in twin sets, while GB Railfreight (GBRf) and DB Cargo run them as triple sets.

Revolution Trains’ new ‘N’ and ‘OO’ models are due to appear in VTG green, DB red and GBRf blue, with a selection of individually numbered examples offered. The specification includes a diecast metal spine together with moulded deck and spigot detailing.

Pre-order prices for 2mm scale examples are £75 for twin sets and £102.50 for triple sets, while ‘early-bird’ pre-order prices for 4mm scale models are set at £95 for twin sets and £125 for triple sets. Delivery is anticipated for late 2020/early 2021.

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