Revolution Mk 5 EPs roll in

Revolution Mk 5 EPs roll in


Revolution Trains has received the first Engineering Prototype (EP) samples of its newly-tooled ‘N' gauge Mk 5 and Mk 5a carriages for scrutiny.


Revolution's new carriages represent the prototypes introduced by Caledonian Sleeper and TransPennine Express (TPE) for their services. Four Caledonian Sleeper vehicles have been tooled including a seated coach, club car, accessible sleeper and a Standard sleeper, which will enable full Highlander and Lowlander sleeper train formations to be recreated, as well as the shorter portions. The TPE vehicles to be tooled include a Standard Driving Trailer (DT), Standard Trailer with bicycle rack, Standard Trailer (two per set) and a First Class Trailer, which will enable accurate five-car Nova sets to be modelled in ‘N’ gauge. 


These new models will include full interior detailing, separately applied plastic and photo-etched parts, working Dellner couplings between vehicles and interior illumination. The TPE Mk 5a DT will also feature directional head and tail lighting. Standard Rapido style couplings - to enable coupling to locomotives - will also be included separately.


Caledonian Sleeper carriages will be supplied across seven separate four-car packs and one six-car pack to enable accurate formations to be assembled, while the TPE Mk 5a vehicles will be offered as two different Nova 5 five-car sets.


Prices are set at £180 for the four-car Caledonian Sleeper car packs and £270 for the six-car Aberdeen portion, while the TPE five-car sets are priced at £225 each.

Once the EP samples have been fully assessed, any alterations will be corrected before moving to the decorated sample stage. Release is anticipated during late 2021/early 2022.

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