Deco samples for ‘OO’ IWA Holdall and Timber-carriers

Deco samples surface for ‘OO’
IWA Holdall and Timber-carriers

Revolution Trains has received decorated samples of its forthcoming ‘OO’ gauge IWA bogie holdall vans and timber-carrying flat wagons. 200 were built in Germany during the 1980s, with around 40 vehicles subsequently converted to timber carriers in 2006.


Five IWA bogie holdall van (UIC designation Sfins2) twin-packs are planned, with two packs offered in Norsk Hydro livery, two in Cargowaggon colours and a pack of unbranded vehicles. Four IWA timber-carrier (UIC designation Rfnoos) twin-packs are also planned in Toaux livery. Pre-order prices are currently set at £75 per pair of wagons, with the price expected to increase to around £99 per twin-pack once production commences. The order book is due to close shortly.


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