Revolution sets ‘N’ gauge wagon deadline

Revolution Trains has set an order deadline of September 30 for its forthcoming newly-tooled ‘N’ gauge FNA nuclear flask carrier and BR Borail family of wagons.


Eight differently numbered models of the new generation FNA nuclear wagons are planned in ‘N’ gauge, covering vehicles 11 70 9229 001, 005, 006, 010, 014, 018, 023 and 031. Each of the officially licenced models will feature variations to the placement of lettering and hazard warnings, as per the prototype, while one model – numbered 11 70 9229 006 – will feature a blank hazard panel to represent an empty or spare vehicle.


The company’s BR Borail bogie flat wagons and associated YLA ‘Mullet’, YQA ‘Parr’ and YQA ‘Super Tench’ engineers’ wagons are also progressing well, with ‘N’ gauge versions due to enter production first, followed by the larger ‘OO’ gauge versions. Decorated samples of the ‘OO’ gauge models are expected to arrive shortly for evaluation. Wagons in both scales will be offered in a selection of individually numbered twin wagon packs, with options in BR brown, BR Railfreight red, BR departmental yellow, Mainline and EWS colour schemes.


Prices for the FNA wagons are set at £32.95, while the bogie engineers’ flat wagons are priced £70 for ‘N’ gauge twin-packs and £85 for the ‘OO’ twin wagon packs.

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