Colourful car carriers

Colourful car carriers 

Decorated samples of Revolution Trains’ newly-tooled 'OO' gauge IPA car carriers have arrived with the company's development team for appraisal.


The prototypes were converted from 1950s-era wagons and first appeared in the UK in the 1990s following the opening of the Channel Tunnel. They were originally configured as flat twin-sets, although side stakes were later added to some examples for use with protective sheeting. Further modifications included more permanent protective sides and roofs, with many twin-sets remarshalled as quad-sets.


Revolution Trains is producing the IPA as original twin-set flat wagons, twin-set flats with stakes, twin-set flats with roof and side covers and as covered quad-sets. Liveries cover STVA red, STVA light grey and Groupe CAT blue (quad-sets only).


Each of the colour schemes has been approved and the models will now be prepared for production once the pre-order book closes on July 31 2021.


Pre-order prices are set at £60 for twin-sets and £120 for quad-sets. Delivery is expected later this year.


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