Revolution PCA gets green light

Revolution Trains’ proposed PCA alumina tank wagons for ‘N’ gauge will go ahead following a successful expressions of interest campaign following the launch of ‘OO’ gauge versions reviewed in HM202.

The wagons are used to transport imported alumina between Blyth and Fort William. They have worn the same grey livery throughout their service, with different branding depending on the ownership of the wagon, with the wagons currently operated by GBRf for Alvance.

CAD renders for the wagon are complete.

Computer Aided Design work has been completed and once sufficient pre-orders are received the model will then go straight into tooling.

Revolution Trains expects the 'N' gauge wagons to have a similar level of detail to their 'OO' gauge counterparts.

Liveries and identities have not been finalised but Revolution Trains hopes to similarly represent the wagons through their entire service lives. 

The manufacturer anticipates that like the ‘OO’ gauge versions the ‘N’ gauge wagons will be available in packs of four. Delivery is anticipated for early 2025, with prices yet to be confirmed. Orders are expected to open in June.

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