WITH ITS innovative ‘plug and play’ approach to motorised engines and associated sound effects, Belgian firm Magic Scale Modeling has brought electronic enhancement within the reach of any modeller.

Previous releases have replicated the sounds of modern jets or World War Two-era subjects, but its latest offerings are intended for large-scale World War One biplanes, such as Roden’s 1/32 Albatros D.III (see photo). The electrical components are identical to those featured previously in AMW (see News, July and December 2019), with a motor for the propeller, stereo speaker, pre-configured circuit board, battery pack and all relevant wiring. No technical expertise is needed, just clip the wires into the relevant sockets and it’s ready to go, plus self-adhesive strips make it easy to attach components to the model’s interior. Authentic sound effects are a great addition to any rotary-engined biplane; further details are available at: