The Royal Spithead Review maritime history display

The Royal Spithead Review is a collection of around 850 1/1200 scale model ships covering over 5,000 years of history from Ancient Egypt to Present Day, all laid out as if at a fictional Spithead Review.

The Royal Spithead Review maritime history display.

Passing through the lines are Royal yachts from 2,000 years of Britain’s history along with an air display overhead. Over 500 models are scratch built with the rest being a mixture of metal and plastic kits as well as toys suitably detailed. This represents 44 years of work, but construction is still continuing.

The collection includes every Royal Navy battleship and big gun ship from ‘Warrior’ to ‘Vanguard’, plus representative classes of Royal Navy vessels from its beginnings during the reign of Alfred the Great to the present-day Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carrier. These vessels are intermingled with other nearly all famous, and infamous, naval and merchant vessels from history.

The display also features details of the models and of the ships themselves alongside a history of the Royal Reviews held in the Solent at Spithead. See the full collection on display at Model World LIVE on April 27/28 2024 at the NEC in Birmingham.