Ruston and Hornsby Sheaf Ironworks

Gauge: 'OO' | Period: 1950s | Region: Industrial, Lincolnshire | Operating team: Michael and Andrew Sharpe

Ruston and Hornsby Sheaf Ironworks

Ruston and Hornsby were general engineers, engine builders and locomotive and boiler manufacturers and this new layout, which will be making its debut at Model World LIVE, models the works complex in Lincoln.

By the Second World War the Lincoln Boultham Works were producing narrow gauge and standard gauge railway locomotives, while the Sheaf Ironworks on the waterside were producing a range of engines. These included small stationary engines and large marine engines, primarily for minesweepers, landing craft, patrol boats and submarines. Ruston and Hornsby were also equipped for the production of all the Matilda, Cavalier and Crusader tanks.

The layout depicts a part of the Ruston and Hornsby Sheaf Ironworks in Lincoln during the early 1940s, where the main line railway from Lincoln brought supplies in and out. It is modelled in 'OO' gauge.

The layout will be displayed together with a pair of 7 1/4in gauge locomotives - a Ruston 48DS which is battery powered and models locomotive 207103 which was built in 1941 and based at Rocks by Rail near Cottesmore. The second locomotive is a 20DL narrow gauge locomotive built to 2/3 scale and powered by a Ruston and Hornsby 5HP 1WB diesel engine.

7 1/4in gauge Ruston 48DS

Ruston and Hornsby 20DL 4wDM

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