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Aircraft modelling remains vastly popular – as shown by this selection of reader projects, including bonus online-only extras.

Revell Boeing B-17F Flying Fortress

Michael Binks was asked to complete Revell’s 1/72 B-17F Flying Fortress to replicate the appearance of Memphis Belle at the end of the famed 1990 film about the bomber. Scratch-built rear fuselage flooring was added, while hatches and access doors were opened plus damage simulated via removing plastic from inside – in line with reference gathered by repeated film viewings!

Roden Hispano-Suiza 8a

It’s unusual for an engine unit to be the subject of a standalone kit, but Roden’s 1/32 offering depicts the Hispano-Suiza 8a unit used to power several French and British aircraft types during World War One. Gert Brandl scratch-built enhancements then used Alclad shades and oils over acrylics to decorate metal and wooden elements respectively.

Academy Messerschmitt Me 163B-1a Komet

Paul Wells is a great fan of Academy’s 1/72 Messerschmitt Me 163 Komet kit, describing it as one of his favourite offerings. Attractive features include the refined detail and wealth of options – both of which were demonstrated by this build depicting B-1a Yellow 26 of JG 400, based at Brandis, near Leipzig, Germany. The attractive results were achieved with the use of Mr. Hobby paints.

Tamiya Matilda II Tank

The rise in popularity of quarter-scale armour modelling is arguably best showcased by Tamiya’s range of kits in 1/48 – this Matilda tank was built by Paul Wells, who custom-mixed paints to decorate the model in the striking Caunter scheme.

Tamiya Opel Blitz Truck

Again showcasing the growth in 1/48 military interest, Tamiya’s Opel Blitz was enhanced with a fully laden cargo area and white pastel representing worn winter distemper by Paul Wells.

Tamiya Marder IIIM

Marders are always fascinating subjects due to the combination of German armament with captured chassis underpinnings, and Paul Wells’ model adds further intrigue with the convincing camouflage. The 1/48 model was airbrushed then embellished with watercolour pencil work.

Airfix Severn Class Lifeboat and Westland Sea King

Always a popular release, Airfix’s 1/72 Severn Class lifeboat was used as the centrepiece for Richard Butler’s stunning diorama, along with the firm’s same-scale Westland Sea King HAR.3. The base was built using Westfoam, textured paper and filler while a custom LED lighting rig was designed and fitted into the vehicles with cabling hidden.

Uni Models M32 Recovery

This small-scale M32 recovery vehicle was constructed by Lim Ewe Gen from the Uni Models multi-media offering. Comprising more than 250 components including cast and photo-etched metal elements, this was a challenging project.

Dragon M4E8 Sherman

Colonel Creighton Adams was well-known for naming his tanks Thunderbolt, with a Sherman ‘Easy Eight’ the seventh such machine to feature this moniker. Lim Ewe Gen used Dragon’s 1/72 kit to replicate the vehicle, adding stowage and a red-toned air identification tarpaulin.

Airfix Sherman Firefly

Another Sherman depicted in small-scale format by Lim Ewe Gen was the Firefly variant, the subject of Airfix’s recent tooling. This long-barrelled tank was adorned with the kit-supplied track armour for further protection.

Aoshima Shizuoka Oden Food Truck

Marc Rycarte constructed Aoshima’s unusual Shizuoka Oden Food Truck kit – depicting a typical Asian street food vendor’s vehicle – to form an unusual and fun model.

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