MASTERPIECE MODELS’ Chase Craft from 1970s British sci-fi series Blake’s 7 is sure to create a stir. This four-season show chronicled the adventures of rebel fighters, led initially by Roj Blake, against the ruthless Federation, in an alien spaceship named Liberator. At one point, the makers of the vessel, known as the System, pursue and capture it and the crew with these single-hulled chase craft.

Masterpiece’s resin offering (MMBL001) comprises 21 parts, several spares and lengths of styrene rod. While the engine parts in AMW’s sample were white resin, they are also available in clear red, to replicate the powerplant’s distinctive look and allow illumination. Decals for the engine collar ‘grille’ completes the package, enabling modellers to possess a classic Terry Nationdesigned spacecraft. Visit: