110 pages

German Self-Propelled Guns on the Battlefield

By: Jon Feenstra

ISBN: 978-615-5583-16-2

Price: €28.95 Format: 218 x 302mm


The 19th volume of PeKo’s dual-language World War Two Photobook Series covers self-propelled artillery used by German forces during the conflict, with the usual combination of period photographs with captions in English and Hungarian (to suit PeKo’s home audience). As the title and subject matter are generic, the introduction describes the development and service histories of the types covered in the image section – note these are all artillery vehicles, not antitank – which is particularly helpful is the reader is unfamiliar with the subject matter. The photographs are excellent throughout and convey the advancement of the type from the overloaded Panzer I chassis to increasingly specialised vehicles, including the well-known Sturmmörser, Wespe (wasp) and Hummel (bumblebee) types. The images depict a range of scenes, including combat operations, field-repair, vehicle transport and abandoned/wrecked machines, and amount to a fascinating account of Wehrmacht history. Furthermore, the detailed captions draw attention to intricacies of the vehicles, such as camouflage schemes, unit markings, operational differences and deployments – plus, ancillary vehicles can clearly be identified and studied via the high-quality photos. The collected work is an indispensable guide to German self-propelled howitzers.