Shapes, slicers and smoothers


AN IMPRESSIVE range of ingenious sanding implements and engraved cutting mats has arrived from South Korean firm Infini Model. Among the selection are packs containing eight examples of ‘Soft’ abrasive sticks (IPM-0000), which are medium-sized, reasonably stiff boards with slight give on their surfaces – perfect for general work and confined areas. For smoothing curves and similar complex shapes, ‘Softback’ utensils (ISS-0000G) provide sponge-like pads over a rigid centre piece, offering a high degree of flexibility. Last, ‘Sticker Type’ self-adhesive sheets, combined with a selection of photo-etched holding tools (PIM-0000S), ensure even the tightest of areas can be worked on, with the added option to produce implements of a custom profile.

Each set contains a series of different abrasive grades, although it’s worth noting that these numbers are not uniform across the packages. For example, polishing materials are rated at 7,000-grade in the Soft and self-adhesive products, but 4,000-grade in the flexible selection, although the surfaces feel comparable. The firm’s ‘Easycutting’ mats (IT03003V1 Types A-D) are designed for forming any shape from masking tape, with the surface of each acrylic board engraved with straight lines formed into rectangular or triangular arrangements, large arcs or smaller circular shapes. Various sizes shape are supplied on the corresponding product, meaning these are also ideal for scratch-building. Packs of sanding tools start at £3.00 for six implements, while the cutting mats are priced at £13.50 or £14.95 depending on the type – value-for-money bundles of both selections are also available. Further information and prices can be found at