Republic P-47 Thunderbolt

By: Airscale

Item no: PE24 TBT Price: £11.95

Web: www.airscale.co.uk

Airscale’s photo-etched brass instrument panel is designed for the Vintage Fighter Series/Kinetic P-47, and includes decals for the dials. It contains parts to build one of two four-piece units; the first is designed as a drop-in replacement to the kit’s undersized panel, while the second is an accurately scaled item, which will require minor modification of the styrene to fit correctly. An acetate sheet is supplied to replicate the glass dial covers.


1/35 & 1/32

Bracken Fern

By: Model Scene

Item no: WG3-030 Price: €5.95

Web: www.model-scene.com

Here’s another intricate groundcover accessory from Model Scene, utilising its familiar pre-cut paper medium. Modellers can either make a single large bush or four smaller plants, with several sizes of fronds/branches to attach to the main stem, which has additional reinforcement strips depending on how large a fern is to be built.



20mm Oerlikon Mk.10

By: Black Cat Models

Item no: AC350002b

Price: €8.29

Web: www.blackcatmodels.eu

Black Cat Models is a new company specialising in 1/350 ship kit accessories, utilising 3D-printing methods to maximise detail, while minimising parts count. Its 20mm Oerlikons are a case in point, with 12 fabulous single-piece examples of the Mk.10 tripod-mounted antiaircraft cannon, complete with blast bags and spent case collection bag. This was a common feature on Allied World War Two ships, and will be a popular accessory.



PZL 37 Łos

By: Yahu

Item no: YML7207

Price: £3.40

Web: www.yahumodels.siemianowice.com

Intended for IBG’s lovely PZL 37 Łos (Moose), this is a more involved pre-painted photoetched metal product from Yahu, and some assembly will be required, as it supplies warning placards and sidewall dials and radio, in addition to the five-piece instrument panel. An acetate sheet supplies several dial faces and backgrounds for the radio.



FAB-500 M54 Bombs

By: Eduard

Item no: 648424

Price: €11.25

Web: www.eduard.com

With the recent crop of quarter-scale modern Soviet/ Russian aircraft, the need for aftermarket weaponry has never been greater, especially as not all kit munitions are accurate. Eduard’s neat package supplies parts to make two of the commonly used FAB-500 free-fall bombs, carried by SU-22/25/27/34 aircraft and Tu-22M Backfires. Assembly is simple, with a cleverly designed tail unit and photo-etched brass end plate, and there are decals for the bomb stencilling.



Spitfire Mk.IX Early

By: Eduard

Item no: 634005 Price: €9.95

Web: www.eduard.com

Eduard’s Löök series is a boon for modellers wanting a quick and simple way of detailing a kit instrument panel, with this example being a resin-based pre-painted/ glazed drop-in replacement for Tamiya’s gorgeous 1/32 Spitfire Mk.IX kit. The quality is excellent, with sharp features and accurate representation of this cockpit panel. On its own it would be good value, but the addition of pre-painted photo-etched steel seatbelts makes it even more so. The latter even appear slightly weathered, saving modellers yet more time, and the result will be most convincing.



Ford Model T Ambulance

By: SBS Model

Item no: 35036 Price: €16

Web: www.sbsmodel.com

SBS Model’s delightful resin and photo-etched (PE) brassdetail set is designed to enhance ICM’s 1/35 Ford Model T Ambulance kits, and offers a new engine firewall, seat, rear access hatches, window tarpaulin and stowage boxes. While most of these are direct replacements for styrene parts, they will improve the model’s appearance significantly when combined with the separate PE latches, clasps, reinforcement strips and spare tyre holders.



T-55A Early (Mod 1965) Detail-up Set

By: Tetra Model Works

Item no: ME-35053

Price: £18

Web: www.sovereignhobbies.co.uk

Just when modellers thought it wasn’t possible to add more detail to MiniArt’s T-55A, along comes Tetra to set things straight. This comprehensive photo-etched (PE) brass package comprises two frets plus three lengths of brass rod, and supplies all-new latches, straps and clasps, plus light guards, engine grilles and four intricate mounting brackets for the rear fuel tanks. The kit’s rear hull plate is replaced and embellished with tiny PE additions, while the turret benefits from rangefinder housing and a multitude of grab handles.



HMS Fearless/HMS Intrepid

By: Atlantic Models

Item no: ATEM60012 Price: £11.95

Web: www.atlanticmodels.net

Airfix’s HMS Fearless gets the Atlantic Models treatment, courtesy of this superb value photo-etched brass upgrade. There’s hardly an area of the kit that doesn’t receive attention, with replacement Sea Cat launchers, well-deck/flight-deck cranes, landing craft davits, deck/ communications/radar rooms and access ladders. Then there’s the additions, with Corvus chaff/ launchers, railings, ladders, mast yardarms (completely transforming this featureless item) and guidance on changing Fearless into Intrepid.



US 300 Gallon Fuel Tank

By: Plus Model

Item no: 533

Price: €15.70

Web: www.plusmodel.cz

With several 1/35 tractors now available, including three from Plus Model itself, it’s no surprise that the firm has decided to release a 300-gal fuel tank accessory, which would be equally suitable in a civilian or military setting. It comprises just 16 finely cast components, and includes mounting brackets and concrete ‘sleepers’, plus a separate overflow vent and filler caps, Helpfully, decals are included for the various warning and hazard signs.



Dewoitine D-520 Engine Set


Item no: 7414 Price: €10.30

Web: www.cmkkits.com

CMK seems to be tackling the detail deficiencies in many of Hasegawa’s 1990s releases, in this case it’s Dewoitine D.520. While it has an acceptable exterior, the interior is poor, so this engine set is most welcome, with the well-cast resin parts replacing most of the kit’s nose section. The powerplant is a stunning piece of sculpting and casting, and, thoughtfully, all exterior engine panels are provided, along with a mounting plate, replacement exhausts and a rear bulkhead.



A/SF-01 B-Wing Starfighter

By: Greenstrawberry

Item no: VC 01 Price: US$9.96

Web: www.greenstrawberry.cz

Need a way of displaying all the rich detail in the cockpit of Bandai’s B-Wing starfighter? Modellers need look no further than Greenstrawberry’s crystalclear and commendably thin vacform canopy, which comes with interior and exterior selfadhesive masks. Thankfully, the crisp moulding provides clear frame lines and will make cutting the glazing from the surrounding styrene that much easier.



Luggage Set 1930-40s

By: MiniArt

Item no: 35582 Price: £15.99

Web: www.creativemodels.co.uk

MiniArt’s luggage set has multiple applications, from city to refugee scenes…it all depends on the finish. There’s a broad selection of suitcases, plus a briefcase, pram, several hessian bags and a small wheeled cart. These are supplied on five crisply moulded styrene runners, and considerable thought has gone in their design; all are multipiece items, to capture the detail faithfully. A small decal sheet supplies logos, luggage tags and travel stickers.



Hand Truck

By: Brengun

Item no: BRL72097

Price: €9.16

Web: www.brengun.cz

Brengun’s penchant for everyday equipment is a ready source of diorama accessories, such as its Hand Truck offering, which supplies sufficient resin and photo-etched brass parts for six of these ubiquitous items. Each comprises a main frame with laminated handles, plus separate axle and load plate; two resin wheels complete the trolley.



Firefly Mk.I Exterior

By: Eduard

Item no: 48959

Price: €18.95

Web: www.eduard.com

While Trumpeter’s Firefly Mk.I has received mixed reviews, Eduard’s neat photo-etched (PE) brass set addresses several of its shortfalls in detail. The undercarriage bays are given a complete makeover (but retain the kit’s incorrect shape, unfortunately), with all moulded features replaced by more accurate PE items, while the undercarriage doors are either replaced in their entirety or embellished with new interior faces. Similarly, the kit’s radiator and carburettor mesh are replaced by more realistic grilles.



Junkers F.13 Eurasia

By: Master-X

Item no: MX 7222.07 Price: €10

Web: www.master-x.wz.cz

Junkers’ F.13 hasn’t received much attention in kit form, so Master-X’s ‘Eurasia’ conversion, intended for Revell’s 1/72 offering, is most welcome, providing a new tailfin, upper fuselage, ailerons, sidemounted exhaust, larger horizontal stabilisers and wheels. The parts are cast beautifully, with crisp corrugated surfaces minimal flash, and correct several of the kit’s shortcomings. Markings are supplied for a striking red/black/aluminium Eurasia Aviation Corporation airframe, including Chinese script for the wings and fuselage.



Meteor FR.9 Interior

By: Eduard Item no: 49937

Price: €22.45 Web: www.eduard.com

Eduard’s Meteor FR.9 Interior set may share its photo-etched (PE) brass fret with the earlier F.8 release), but the pre-painted fret is considerably different, as it caters for the camera ports, and therefore lacks items such as seat harnesses and firing handles. However, regardless of this, it will make a significant improvement to the kit, notably the cannon bay doors, which require shaping to match the fuselage contours.



Bf 109G Wheels

By: BarracudaCast

Item no: BR48387 Price: £7.99

Web: www.barracudacast.com

Modellers seeking replacement/ enhanced wheels for their quarter-scale Bf 109Gs should consider these finely cast items from Barracuda. They are supplied as two-piece items, with separate inner hubs, of which there are two styles, one for Eduard and Hasegawa offerings, the other for Tamiya’s newly-tooled offerings, with their distinct cutaway. Surface detail is very fine, including hub bolts and brake line attachment points.



Sd.Kfz.250/1 Ausf.B

By: Hauler Item no: HLH72044

Price: €11.36 Web: www.hauler.cz

MK 72’s Sd.Kfz.250/1 is a delightful offering, and Haulers photo-etched brass set builds on this impressive base. The cab receives new foot pedals, radio, dashboard instruments and vision blocks, and the passenger section benefits from rifle, gas mask canister and fire extinguisher holders, plus door-opening mechanism and machine gun shields. The exterior isn’t neglected, and all stowage boxes have locks, making this a superb addition.



F-14 P&W Exhaust (Opened)

By: KA Models

Item no: MA-48019 Price: US$18

Web: www.ka-models.com

Designed to fit either Hasegawa’s or Tamiya’s 1/48 F-14As, these exquisitely cast single piece resin afterburner nozzles are incredibly delicate, and feature much finer detail than any styrene alternative, notably the very tips of the converge/diverge nozzle plates, which are wafer thin. Preparation is minimal, with multiple small attachment points, making these parts far easier to remove than other resin equivalents, and they are intended as drop-in replacements for the kit parts.



Wellington Mk.Ia/c Landing Flaps

By: Eduard

Item no: 72762 Price: €22.95

Web: www.eduard.com

Airfix’s newly tooled Wellington Mk.I has received much praise, but there is only so much that can be presented convincingly in styrene, so Eduard’s well designed photo-etched brass landing flaps are most welcome. Changes are kept to a minimum., with the thinning of the upper wing trailing edge and removal of the respective panel on the lower half. The format is as per other such products, with an outer skin/liners and triangular-shaped brackets, all of which much be bent/rotated into position.




By: Plus Model

Item no: 504 Price: €83

Web: www.plusmodel.cz

Plus Model’s resin Caravan is a complex resin kit, but one that builds into a lovely replica, and features a detailed leaf-sprung suspension. The interior is bare, but this offers huge scope for modellers to outfit as they desire. This isn’t the easiest (or cheapest) of subjects to build, but the resin is cast cleanly, with minimal flash, and the engineering is superb, with individual bolts for the suspension arms…the result will be well worth the effort. Three different schemes are supplied, two for civilian caravans, and the third for a Panzer Grey military trailer.



REME Set No.3

By: ResiCAST

Item no: 35.2410 Price: €27.50

Web: www.resicast.com

ResiCAST’s third batch of Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers’ tools is a great selection of vices, hammers, crowbars, towing eyes/bars, oil containers, spades and drainage funnels. Most components are in resin, but there are styrene rod lengths for the sledgehammers, plus a bonus length of fine chain. These are ideal for most engineering/maintenance dioramas, and the size of these items ranges from workbench tools to those commonly seen when working on vehicles.



Tracks for Pz.V Panther Early

By: OKB Grigorov

Item no: S48021 Price: €16.70

Web: www.shop.okbgrigrov.com

Featuring crisp cast detail, and minimal attachment points to the pouring blocks, there’s little preparation required for OKB Grigorov’s 1/48 early Panther tracks. As with other such products they are provided as six lengths, which are sufficient for two full tracks, plus extra links for hull/turret stowage. They are commendably thin items, which makes bending them to shape (after heating) much easier, and have sufficient flex to enable the characteristic sag of Panther tracks to be incorporated.