Tempest Mk.V Series 1

By: Eduard Item no: 82121

Price: TBC Web: www.eduard.com

Eduard surprised many at Scale ModelWorld with its newly tooled 1/48 Tempest Mk.V, and it’s an absolute delight. From the fine engraved rivets to sumptuously furnished cockpit, there’s much to please modellers. This initial release is in ProfiPACK form, with the six styrene runners augmented by a prepainted photo-etched (PE) metal fret and pre-cut, self-adhesive canopy and wheel masks. Options include a styrene/decal/PE instrument panel and open/closed canopy, while modellers seeking extra refinement should check Eduard’s imminent Brassin cockpit, gun bays, wheels and exhausts. The six schemes are:

• JN766/SA-N, 486 (RNZAF) Sqn, RAF Castle Camp, April 1944

• JN751/R-B, Wg Cdr RP Beaumont, 150 Wing, RAF Bradwell Bay, 1944

• JN755/QO-D, 3 Sqn, RAF Newchurch, May 1944

• JN751/R-B, Wg Cdr RP Beaumont, 150 Wing, RAF Newchurch, 1944

• JN763/SA-F, 486 (RNZAF) Sqn, RAF Newchurch, June 1944

• JN765/JF-K, 3 Sqn, RAF Newchurch, June 1944



F-14A Tomcat

By: FineMolds

Item no: FP30 Price: £39.95

Web: www.tigerhobbies.co.uk

When FineMolds released its partwork F-14D in 2013, modellers hoped for a general release. They have been rewarded with an early 1/72 F-14A that is arguably the best of the type in this scale. It comprises eight styrene runners, and the well-moulded parts are bursting with detail, notably for the cockpit, AWG-9 radar and avionics bays, while the exterior is characterised by delicately engraved panel lines. Options abound, with open/closed canopy, radome, cannon/avionics bays, airbrakes, fuselage spine and engine nozzles, extended/ retracted glove vanes, refuelling probe and crew access ladder, and swept/unswept wings. Note the latter come with flaps/slats in the raised positions. A separate missile set (FP31) is available for those who wish to arm their Tomcat. Two schemes are included:

• BuNo 16380/201/AJ, VF-84 ‘Jolly Rogers’, USS Nimitz, 1978

• BuNo 160654/205/NL, VF-111 ‘Sundowners’, USS Carl Vinson




By: SBS Model

Item no: SBS7021 Price: €36

Web: www.sbsmodel.com

Featuring quality cast resin components plus a small photoetched (PE) brass fret, this SBS offering is rather lovely. All corrugated metal areas are replicated faithfully, and there are different nose sections to cater for the differences between the first and second prototype machines, but the type’s compound curves and complex ‘solid-V’ profile are present on both. Similarly, there are alternative vertical and horizontal stabilisers and radiator covers, and a choice of resin or PE instrument panel. There are just 30 resin components, but when combined with the PE they form a well-detailed cockpit, with interior framework cast integrally with the rear fuselage. The two schemes depict the prototype airframes in 1929 and 1930, one with an overall natural metal finish, the other with a striking red/white livery.



Mirage F.1C/C-200

By: Special Hobby

Item no: SH 72388 Price: €17.50

Web: www.cmkkits.com

Special Hobby always had grand plans for its Mirage F.1s, with many variants and schemes. This iteration will satisfy modellers fond of the 1970s French Air Force but, cannily, the manufacturer also offers decals for a more modern desert-painted jet from 1994 as a foil to ‘Bleu de Mirage’. These parts build beautifully (see August 2016 issue), and this rendition allows the replication of the ‘vanilla’ F.1C, and the C-200 with refuelling probe (fitted from the 200th airframe onwards). Panel line detail is slightly heavy, but this lessens once paint is applied, and there is all manner of stores, including the Matra Magic missile, although the R.530 weapon also carried by French air-defence F.1s is absent. The decal sheet is dazzling, with markings for famous Armée de l’Air F.1 units, plus a Tiger Meet jet:

• F.1C, 12-YE/46, EC 1/12 ‘Cambrésis’, 1979

• F.1C, 12-ZF/84, EC 3/12 ‘Cornouaille’, 1980

• F.1C-200, 5-OA/206, EC 2/5 ‘Île-de-France’, 1981

• F.1C-200, 30-LA/201, EC 4/30 ‘Vexin’, Djibouti, 1994



Bf 109K-4

By: AZ Model

Item no: AZ7595 Price: €15.10

Web: www.azmodel.cz

AZ Model has morphed its Bf 109G into a -K by the simple expedient of providing a new runner for the changed fuselage, nose gun troughs, underwing oil cooler, side console, and main and tailwheel doors, effectively making this one-and-ahalf kits, as all parts for the previous versions are retained. Cockpit sidewall detail is moulded integrally with the fuselage halves, and will benefit from a pin wash, and the rest of the ‘office’ is similarly wellappointed and includes trim wheels, rudder pedals and gunsight. The landing flaps can be positioned open/ closed, and there is provision for a centreline drop tank. Three airframes are catered for on the markings guide, clad in a variety of late-war camouflage schemes:

• WNr 332529/Black 4, possibly 1./JG 52, Deutsch Brod, Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia, April 1945

• Black 12, possibly 2./KG(J) 6, Prague-Ruzyne, Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia, May 1945

• White 16, 9./JG 53, Reichenbach, Germany, 1945



He 111H-16


Item no: 48263 Price: £41.99

Web: www.hannants.co.uk

ICM appears to be working its way through the Junkers Jumo 211-powered He 111s, with a1/48 H-16 following its earlier H-3 and H-6 offerings. It has taken the latter’s nine styrene runners and added a clear and a grey frame for H-16-specific components, such as the revised external bomb racks, MG 81 and MG 81Z machine guns, altered glazing and midupper hatch. This is a great value package, with multiple stores options, fully detailed cockpit and undercarriage bays, poseable control surfaces and an option of displaying both Jumo powerplants.

Two of the four schemes wear standard RLM 70/71/65 camouflage; the remaining pair have winter whitewash on the uppersurfaces, which would be subject to varied weathering:

• 5J+GN, 5./KG 4, Eastern Front, winter 1942-43

• NI+JE, 2./Schleppgruppe 4, Eastern Front, winter 1942-43

• AL+AC, Stab II./KG 53, Estern Front, September 1943



SE 535 Mistral

By: FRROM-Azur Item no: FR0041

Price: €21 Web: www.frrom.com

Special Hobby’s Vampire has been re-worked for French company Azur, to depict the Nene-powered SE 535 Mistral. The original three styrene runners are joined by a new frame, which provides a replacement upper fuselage and revised nose cone, air intakes, instrument panel and rear bulkhead, and there’s a resin Martin-Baker Mk.1 ejection seat adding a refined touch to the cockpit. This is a gem of a kit, with delicate engraved panel lines on the exterior, pleasing detail in the undercarriage bays and pilot’s ‘office’ and provision for underwing fuel tanks and rockets. Three overall doped aluminium French

Air Force airframes are supplied:

• No.82/8-PB, EC 1/8 ‘Maghreb’, Rabat-Salé, Morocco, 1957

• No.195/7-BC, 7éme EC, Telergma, Algeria, 1958

• No.64/20-LF, EC 1/20 ‘Ouarsenis’, Boufarik, Algeria, 1959



S-2A/E/G Tracker

By: Kinetic

Item no: K48074 Price: US$49.99

Web: www.luckymodel.com

Kinetic’s S-2 Tracker has previously been released in S-2E/G and S-2A forms, so it was inevitable the firm would combine the various parts in one bumper package, with options for five Republic of China airframes, two of which are in an attractive three-tone camouflage. While maximising choice, it does mean there are many spares, with duplicate fuselages, nacelles and outer wings. A functional cockpit is supplied, with an open rear bulkhead, but the remainder of the interior is empty, although the provision of a separate crew door provides scope for aftermarket firms and scratchbuilders alike. There’s much to choose from, with options for folding wings, raised/lowered slats, open/ closed bomb bay and underwing armament. The five schemes are:

• S-2E, 2128, ROC AF

• S-2E, 2150, ROC AF, 1980s

• S-2E, 2123, ROC AF

• S-2E, 2127, ROC AF

• S-2A, 2102, ROC AF, 1960s-1970s



MiG-21UM Mongol B

By: KP

Item no: KPM0108 Price: €15.90

Web: www.kovozavody.cz

Trainers don’t receive as much attention as single-seat aircraft, so it’s great to see KP’s re-boxing of RV Models’ 1/72 MiG-21UM Mongol. It comprises three styrene runners and features fine recessed panel lines and rivets on the wings and fuselage, and while mould seams will need neatening, this shouldn’t be too onerous a task. The cockpit is acceptable, although the detail is soft in places, and the ejection seats woudl better be replaced with aftermarket alternatives. It’s worth checking whether the specified airframes were built at the Gorkiy or Moscow plants, as the instructions are contradictory, and the wing differences are noticeable. A generous selection of four schemes is included:

• Grey 9333, 1st Air School Regt, Plana, Czechoslovakia, 1980-92

• White 9311, Poznan-Krzesiny, Poland, 1980-92

• Black 256, JG 2 ‘Yuri Gagarin’, East Germany, 1990

• Black 3036, 47th Reconnaissance Regt, Czechoslovakia, 1974-92



USAF C-140 Jetstar

By: Mach 2

Item no: GP094 Price: €24

Web: www.mach2.fr

Mach 2 has released five versions of its newly tooled and limitedrun Jetstar in quick succession, all containing the same two styrene runners, but with different markings; this iteration is the US Air Force C-140 airframe. It’s a typical short-run kit, and parts will need neatening to remove flash and the rough surface texture. Panels are represented by engraved lines and window reveals are well defined. Interior detail is basic, although much will be hidden once the windscreen ‘cap’ is attached, and the undercarriage bays would benefit from scratch-built additions. The markings depict 95960, which was assigned to the US Air Force Communication Service during the 1960s and 1970s, with either overall aluminium airframe and orange nose section, wing panels, and horizontal and vertical stabilisers, or white fuselage, grey wings and red sections.



Spitfire F/FR Mk.XIV Bubbletop

By: Mark I Models

Item no: MKM14489 Price: TBC

Web: www.4pluspublications.com

It may come as a surprise that this is Mark I’s first Spitfire kit, but, its Mk.XIV is a gem, with engraved panel lines, single-piece Type-E mainplanes and choice of either a fighter or fighter-recce version. There are four styrene runners, plus separate styrene canopies, yielding sufficient parts for two models, and there’s a smart five-piece cockpit. Bulges for the Griffon engine are supplied as individual pieces, as are the exhausts, and there’s a choice of standard- or clipped-wing tips and two styles of rudder. There’s even doors for the tailwheel. The markings options are:

• NH745/EB-V, 41 Sqn, Eindhoven, The Netherlands, March 1945

• MV263/GCK, 125 Wing, Twente, The Netherlands, April 1945

• NH895/NI-K, 451 Sqn RAAF, Wunstorf, Germany, late 1945

• SG-46 (ex RM625)/UR-G, 2éme Esc, Belgian AF, Florennes, autumn 1948



Trident 3B

By: Authentic Airliners

Item no: N/A Price: €65

Web: www.authentic-airliners.de

German manufacturer Authentic Airliners is a new company to AMW, but it’s resin kits are an airliner specialists’ dream, with very fine surface detail on the superbly cast components. The main fuselage is supplied as a single component, with a separate tail cone to cater for different engine and hush-kit nozzles. Similarly, the two fuselagemounted pods are split into front and rear sections, buy the quality is impeccable, with wafer-thin edges to the exhausts, and blade features cast integrally on the intake pieces. Minimal preparation appears necessary once the resin components have been separated from their casting blocks and washed to remove any release agent. No decals are supplied, although the firm supplies its own markings, or modellers could choose aftermarket options, but it’s arguably the most accurate Trident 3B available.