Boeing F/A-18E Super Hornet

By: CAM-Pro

Item no: P48016

Price: US$12

Web: www.camdecals.com

Modellers with 1/48 F/A-18E Super Hornet kits may wish to consider CAM-Pro’s gorgeous twojet offering, which supplies decals for one airframe each from VFA-14 Tophatters and VFA-22 Fighting Redcocks. The latter is a Carrier Air Group Commander’s airframe (MODEX 00 or ‘double nuts’), while the former is a Squadron Commander’s ‘bird’, both of which receive full colour markings in place of the usual grey-on-grey insignia/artwork. Printed by Microscale, the decals feature accurate colour tones, most notably on the Tophatters’ artwork and livery, plus perfect register and crisp demarcations. Most of the airframe stencilling is included, with solid walkways, although modellers may wish to check references.

The schemes are:

166437/100/NK, Capt CB ‘Animal’ Williams, VFA-22 Fighting Redcocks, CVW-14, USS Ronald Reagan (CVN- 76), 2006

165862/201/NH, Cdr BW ‘Puppy’ Fecht, VFA-14 Tophatters, CVW-11, USS Nimitz (CVN-68)



Dan-Air London Comet 4B and 4C

By: 26Decals

Item no: STS44306

Price: £9

Web: www.26decals.com

British airline Dan-Air London is the subject of 26’s two decal sheet, with carrier specific markings separate from generic airframe glazing and stencilling. This set is designed for Airfix’s classic Comet 4B kit, but it’s possible it may also work with FRSIN, Welsh Models and AModel offerings, due to the passenger windows being supplied in sections. Serials are supplied for 17 of the airline’s eventual 49 Comets and all are clad in the standard light grey/white livery, with a red tail and cheat line along the fuselage. Differences between the 4B and 4C subtypes are captured faithfully, and there are decals for the upper and lower engine nacelle grilles, plus small walkway areas on the inner wing. Modellers will need to study the instructions carefully as several markings must be applied in a specific order, such as the passenger doors, otherwise detail will be lost.



The Tigers

By: Armycast

Item no: ACD72019

Price: €12.50

Web: www.armycast.cz

Armycast’s second F-5 Tiger collection focuses on the secondgeneration single-seat F-5E variant, providing markings for 15 airframes from 14 nationalities. There’s a huge variety of camouflage/liveries, from natural metal to overall single tone and various disruptive pattern schemes. This splendid four sheet offering features excellent colour density and demarcation – it’s also available in 1/48, with an additional four choices.

The 15 airframes include:

• 85-01594/686, 6th Tactical Sqn, Bahrain Amiri AF, Shaikh Isa, 1986

• 4870, 1°/14°, Brazilian AF, Canoas, 1994

• 81-00638/4507, Escuadrón Aéro 401, Santa Lucia, Mexican AF, 2007

• 73-00878, South Vietnamese AF, 1975

• 73-00867/Red 10, Soviet AF Test and Research Institute (GKNII VVS), Akhtubinsk, late 1970s

• 72-01393/01393, 405th Tac Trg Wg, Nellis, 1980

• 75-00450/J-808, Grupo de Aviación No.7, Cerro Moreno, Chilean AF, 1990

• 75-00447/805, Chilean AF

• 82-00638, 15 Ftr Sqn, Tunisian AF, Bizerte-Sidi Ahmed, 1990s

• 74-01553, 2Sqn, Meknes, Royal Moroccan AF, 1991

• 78-00827/TS-0510, Skadron Udara 14, Indonesian AF, Iswahyudi-Madiun, 1986



CVR(T) Scorpion and Scorpion 90

By: Star Decals

Item no: 35-C1201 Price: US$6.50

Web: www.star-decals.net

The first batch of CVR(T) Scorpions from Star Decals portrays vehicles from New Zealand, Iran, Iraq, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines, covering 11 subjects in total. This is a splendid selection, mainly addressing machines exported to the Middle East and Asia, and will certainly make for an eyecatching model when paired with an Accurate Armour or AFV Club kit. Register and colour boundaries are excellent, although the carrier film is matt.

The choices are:

5594-01, Batalyon Kavaleri 1, Indonesia

5599-01, Batalyon Kavaleri 1, Indonesia

NZ34185/12A/10, Queen Alexandra’s Sqn, Royal New Zealand Armd Corps, 1983

NZ34186/11B/10, Queen Alexandra’s Sqn, Royal New Zealand Armd Corps, 1983

A1010651 Isarog, Philippines Army

83311, Royal Thai Army

B4811, 247th Cav Bn, 4th Z Armd Bde, 21st Inf Div, Islamic Republic of Iran Army

4457, 247th Cav Bn, 4th Z Armd Bde, 21st Inf Div, Islamic Republic of Iran Army

5614, Iraqi Army



F-15J Motto Kuma Eagle

By: Two Bobs

Item no: 48-266 Price: £14.99

Web: www.twobobs.net

Modellers looking for a stand-out scheme for their Hasegawa or Great Wall Hobby 1/48 F-15 Eagles will enjoy this Two Bobs release. It depicts a one-off livery applied to an F-15J of the Japanese Air Self- Defense Force (JASDF) to commemorate the 60th anniversary of Chitose Air Base. It includes full airframe stencilling, insignia and serials, but the standout items are the markings for the distinctive twin tails – each is supplied as a single piece, with an eagle on the port tail and a bear (the squadron’s chosen mascot) on the starboard side. All items are printed on gloss carrier film, with perfect register, colour density and sharp demarcation between tones, while a replacement colour call-out is included in the set to aid tonal matching on the airframe. The aircraft depicted is:

52-8860, 201 Sqn, No.2 Wing, JASDF, Chitose, Hokkaido, Japan, May 2017



Fieseler Fi 156 Storch in Finnish Service

By: SBS Model

Item no: D72030 Price: £7.99

Web: www.sbsmodel.com

These markings from SBS Model should be suitable for any 1/72 offering of the Fieseler Storch (Stork) liaison aircraft, allowing modellers to depict the type in Finnish colours. The markings appear simple, with insignia consisting of swastikas for World War Two machines,and later Finnish Air Force roundels for the sole post-war example. Airframe serials are also included, with a technical information panel provided for one scheme. White areas on the markings do appear translucent, so would benefit from an undercoat to prevent any camouflage being visible through them. The instructions also include colour guidance, with Luftwaffe colours employed alongside general aircraft hues.

Four schemes are supplied:

• ST-113, Air Force HQ, Helsinki Malmi, Finland, August 1940

• ST-112, Air Force HQ, Helsinki Malmi, Finland, March 1942

• ST-112, Air Force HQ, Helsinki Malmi, Finland, June 1950

• ST-113, LeLv 14, Tiiksjärvi, Russia, December 1942



PTO Sherman Tanks Vol.1

By: ToRo Model

Item no: 35D54

Price: €7

Web: www.toro-model.com.pl

This is the first of ToRo’s 1/35 markings for Sherman tanks deployed to the Pacific theatre of operations, comprising seven schemes and covering several M4 variants. The decals are supplied on an overall glossy carrier film, with good colour register and opacity, particularly as most of the markings are white. Placement is indicated in greyscale; but colour profiles with painting guidance are available on Toro Model’s website.

The seven choices are:

• M4, Lucky Legs II, 754th Tk Bn, Bougainville, 1944

• M4, 710th Tk Bn, Palau Islands, October 1944

• M4, Dragon Lady, 754th Tk Bn, Luzon, Philippines, February 1945

• M4A1, Sloppy Joe, 603rd Armd Coy, 41st Infantry Div, Carolina Islands, 1944

• M4 Composite, 3099241 Another Dinah, 763rd Tk Bn, Okinawa, Japan, 1945

• M4A2, King Kong, 4th Marine Tk Bn, Saipan, 1944

• M4A2 Dozer, Blood-Guts II, 4th Marine Div, Guam, 1944



Me 262 B-1a/B-1a U1 and Avia CS-92

By: Xtradecal

Item no: X48193 Price: £7.99

Web: www.hannants.co.uk

Xtradecal has released markings for 1/48 two-seater Me 262s, including trainer, night-fighter and Czech-built Avia CS-92 ‘Turbina’ airframes, plus several captured aircraft. The sheet contains two colour options for stencilling, plus Balkenkreuz alongside Czech, RAF and American insignia – all with placement/colour guides and references. A 1/32 scale set (X32068) is also available, but this omits three airframes (including the Avia example) and doesn’t include stencils.

The eight schemes are:

B-1a, Wk Nr 111643/ B3 + ZM, 4./KG (J) 54, Czechoslovakia, May 1945

B-1a, White + S, III./EJG 2, Lechfeld, Germany, 1944

B1-a, White 17, III./EJG 2, Lechfeld, Germany, November 1944

B-1a, Wk Nr 110639/White 35, Vera, USAAF, Lechfeld, Germany, May 1945

CS-92.3, V-35, September 1947

B-1a/U1, Wk Nr 110635/Red 10, IV./ NJG 11, RAF, Schleswig, Germany

B-1a/U1, Wk Nr 110306/Red 9, IV./ NJG 11, RAF, Schleswig, Germany