Newton Chambers Car Carriers for ‘N’

Sonic Models has revealed plans to produce the distinctive Newton Chambers Car Carriers in ‘N’ gauge.


Built in the early 1960s, these double-deck vehicles could carry up to six cars, thanks to an innovative hydraulic centre well which had capacity for two cars, while four further examples could be carried on the upper level. They were initially used on East Coast Main Line services between London, York and Edinburgh, with forays to the West of England later in their career.


Sonic Models is to release six ‘N’ gauge triple coach packs, split between BR maroon and BR blue and grey. Each pack will contain three individually numbered vehicles, finished as E96288/289/290E in BR maroon (Pack 1), E96286/293/297E in BR maroon (Pack 2), E96287/291/294E in BR maroon (Pack 3), TCV E96290/297/298E in BR blue and grey (Pack 4), NVX E96291/294/299E in BR blue and grey (Pack 5) and NVV E96288/289/293E (Pack 6).


These all-new ‘N’ gauge models will be available with original and later style roof lights, early and later ETH equipment buffer beam detailing, kinematic NEM close couplers and RP25 profile metal wheels.

Available exclusively from Rails of Sheffield, each triple vehicle pack is priced at £124.95. Release is currently slated for late 2023.

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