Sonic ‘Vanwide’ revealed

Sonic Models is to produce all-new BR 12ton ‘Vanwide’ ventilated vans for ‘N’ gauge.


The sonic models 'Vanwides' are set for a quater three 2024 release.

British Rail (BR) developed a new box van in the early 1960s with sliding doors that opened out ever so slightly to make loading easier in confined locations. These new vans featured a door opening of 9ft which aided the loading of pallets by forklift trucks and resulted in their ‘Vanwide’ nickname. With an ongoing requirement for short wheelbase vans in the late 1970s, some received air brakes for use on Speedlink and military trains. These VEA vans were mostly withdrawn from the early 1990s. 

Sonic Models tooling will cater for a wide verity of liveries.

Backdating its previously produced VEA vans for the scale, Sonic Models’ new ‘N’ gauge ‘Vanwides’ will reflect the vacuum braked prototypes throughout their careers with several liveries planned including BR bauxite in early, late and Earle’s Cement versions, BR freight brown with XP, VEV and VMV XP lettering and more.

Eight triple wagon packs are planned, with seven ‘Vanwide’ sets together with a single pack of the later VEAs. Priced at £69.99 each, they are due for a third quarter of 2024 release.

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