Airbrushing can be a messy business, but Sparmax’s highly regarded spray booths are superb at extracting aerosolised paint and thinners from a room.

Sparmax Spray Booth

Its SB-88 spray booth (E-SB-88) comes complete with a shroud, extraction fan unit, a flexible exhaust hose and features a dual-filtration system. Assembly is quick and problem-free, although care may be needed when screwing the hood to the fan unit.

The shroud comprises five polypropylene sides (a top, bottom, two sides and a back) connected via tabs and grooves that snap into place, forming a sturdy unit. The fan unit comes supplied with metal legs, to ensure stability, and these can be fitted to any of three sides, allowing the exhaust hose to be positioned in different directions. The extractor fan delivers 105-115m3/hr, a very reasonable rate given the £159 price and one suitable for most modelling projects. Two spare filters are included, along with a separate turntable.

In use, the SB-88 does a good job of removing fumes from the work area, but as with any spray booth, it is recommended that a quality respiratory mask should also be worn.

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