T -60 (Plant N.37 Sverdlovsk) Prod. Spring 1942

By: MiniArt

Item no: 35260 Price: £39.99

Web: www.miniart-models.com

When it comes to offering detail, quality and value-for money, MiniArt is hard to beat, and its latest T-60 offering is a perfect example. It provides a fully equipped interior, and accurately portrays an early 1942 production machine from the Sverdlovsk factory. Parts are held on 34 styrene runners and all are moulded to Zvezda’s high standards, without flash or surface blemishes.

The innards are the undoubted highlight, with a superb engine, plus transmission and ammunition stowage – the challenge will be how to display everything. Markings choices are similarly impressive, representing 11 machines, including:

• White 211, 30th Guards Tk Bde, Leningrad Front, 1942-43

• Black 257, 30th Guards Tk Bde, Leningrad Front, winter 1942-43

• White 715/Red 180, Volkhov Front, 1942

• White 1-18, winter 1942-43

• White 208/20/227 /228, 30th Guards Tk Bde, Leningrad Front, summer 1943