Sprue Box announced at Scale ModelWorld 2023 it was the UK distributor for Outlaw Paints

Australian-based firm Outlaw Paints now has a UK distributor – Sprue Box – for its range of acrylic lacquer products, which are available in 30ml and 100ml screw-top glass bottles.

Above: Standard paints are in 30ml bottles, while primer is available in larger 100ml containers.

Sprue Box launched Outlaw Paints in the UK at Telford on November 11, 2023 with an assortment of scale model and rail colours available for sale. Key Model World trialled the firm’s basic Black Primer (OP P004) along with two yellow shades: OP115MIL RAF Trainer Yellow and OP36MIL Lemon Yellow FS 13655 (as yellow is usually one of the most challenging colours when it comes to achieving an opaque finish). Preparation is straightforward, and once the bottle had been shaken thoroughly, the pre-thinned paint is ready to decant straight into the airbrush.

Outlaw’s guidance was followed when selecting compressor air pressure (15-20 PSI is recommended), so the lower setting was used for all three products, being sprayed through an Iwata Revolution CR3 airbrush (The Airbrush Company). A piece of plastic card was selected as the 'canvas', with the primer applied onto two rectangular areas via a series of thin layers, building the density gradually – it dried almost immediately, which made for quick progress and the finish was matt, yet smooth to the touch.

After 30 minutes, tape was used to mark a half-way point – this gave both a hard boundary against which to check opacity and served as a reference ‘control’ point. Trainer Yellow was the first to be sprayed, again the tonal density was built in a series of thin coats, with the desired effect reached surprisingly quickly as the paint dried so quickly that re-coats were achievable after approximately 15-20 seconds.

The airbrush was cleaned and the trial repeated for Lemon Yellow; when the colours were selected this was chosen as being potentially the most difficult to attain acceptable results (at least without the use of either a mid-layer or lighter primer). However, much to our surprise (and delight), a sufficiently opaque layer was achieved almost as quickly as with the darker yellow.  

Above: Coverage was impressive, even with such a notoriously difficult shade as yellow.
Above: Coverage was impressive, even with such a notoriously difficult shade as yellow.

Outlaw Paints are now available in the UK courtesy of Sprue Box with shades available for Australian, US, British, German Japanese and NATO military subjects, plus separate ranges for model railways, primers, candy tones, metal and metallic colours. Standard 30ml bottles are priced at £5.95, with metal/metallic shades at £6.95, while primers are £14.99 for a 100m bottle. Being an acrylic lacquer, cellulose-based thinner is needed for cleaning, and while Outlaw’s proprietary equivalent retails for £6.99 for a 100ml bottle, Sprue Box also has its own lacquer-based 270ml Airbrush Cleaner at £9.50.

Look out for builds in upcoming issues of AMW using Outlaw Paints plus reviews of the rail colours in Hornby Magazine and on KMW.