SR USA 0-6-0T in ‘O’ 

Minerva Model Railways has revealed it is to produce an all-new ‘O’ gauge model of the Southern Railway ‘S100’ USA 0-6-0T.


Originally built in the USA, 14 surplus United States Army Transportation Corps (USATC) 'S100' 0-6-0Ts were purchased from the War Department by the Southern Railway, primarily for use at Southampton Docks to haul freight and passenger stock within the harbour complex. Before entering service they received significant modifications.

Minerva Model Railways is to produce the Southern Railway examples in modified form as the basis of its all-new ‘O’ gauge model, while the company has also partnered with French-based Chrezo Sarl of Royan which will produce the model in continental form, with original cabs and fittings, for ‘O’ gauge.

Bearing the hallmarks of previous Minerva Model Railways models, the all-new ‘O’ gauge USA tanks will feature more than 250 individual components, together with a die-cast chassis, all-wheel pick-up, high-torque flywheel-equipped motor, fine scale wheels, detailed cab interior, sprung buffers and will be offered Digital Command Control (DCC) ready, DCC fitted and DCC sound-fitted.

Design work for the new ‘O’ gauge models is almost complete and five colour schemes are planned for the SR USA 0-6-0Ts including SR green with black lettering, BR black with early crests, BR black with late crests, BR lined green with late crests and Keighley and Worth Valley Railway (‘Worth Valley’) lined brown.

Priced at £390 DCC ready, £445 DCC fitted and £525 DCC sound-fitted, release is expected during 2024.

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