FIGURE SPECIALIST Stalingrad Miniatures has announced its latest themed collection of 1/35 resin subjects: six members of a Soviet tank crew from 1945.

The entire set is available separately (S-3200) or as twin packs containing two figures each to suit dioramas and scenes.

Poses appear convincing, with two figures standing alongside a vehicle (S-3201), another pair posed as if leaning from the turret or out of an upper hatch (S-3202) and the final duo stood on/around the tank – one crewman appears to use the gun barrel for support (S-3203).

Clothing is similarly varied, with a mixture of commanders’ helmets, peaked hats and service caps, while the outerwear ranges from leather jackets to long coats. Uniform features include cast epaulettes and medals denoting service awards.

Further details and the firm’s full range is available from: