French decal maestro Syhart has added to its range of special liveries for Dassault’s Rafale, courtesy of the 2019-20 French Air Force Solo Display jet.


Syhart has arguably made its name by producing superb decal and mask sets, with which to complete dazzling and sometimes complex special schemes on modern jet fighters. The firm has produced markings for many different aircraft, but lately, proprietor-designer Sylvain Haultier has been busy with liveries in 1/72 and 1/48 for French Dassault Rafale B, C and M airframes.

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His latest effort, 72-142, is branded Rafale C 4-IM ‘10 ans Rafale Solo Display’ 2019/2020. Printed with full authority from the French Air Force and the scheme’s original designer, this sheet provides decals and masks for that period's airshow Rafale, which marked ten years of display flying by the type.


The livery comprises very swish black, grey, gold and dark blue accents, a stylised ‘10’ and a large ARMEE DE L’AIR legend on the upper starboard wing and canard undersides. Most of these colours are provided in decal form, while the larger swathes of gold are rendered with the help of the self-adhesive masks provided.

Initially, the instructions look complicated, but read them several times and pay careful attention to the commands, and you shouldn’t go far wrong. Paint names are provided, plus equivalent suggestions for Federal Standard, Humbrol, Revell, Model Master and the like. This is a stunning scheme, which is also available in 1/48 as sheet 48-142, and they are priced at 16 € and 20 € respectively. Visit:

If you’re considering appropriate kits, in 1/72 there are Rafale Cs by Hobby Boss and Italeri, while in 1/48, it’s a case of Hobby Boss and Revell (re-packaged by Academy/Ace Corporation/MustHave!).