TMC commission exclusive Heljan ‘Peaks’

The first five production Class 45 ‘Peak’ diesels are the subject of TMC’s latest exclusive model commission in partnership with Heljan. The new tooling will capture D11-D15 which had detail differences from the remainder of the Class 45 fleet with release anticipated in late 2020.

D11-D15 had centre nose doors and split headcode boxes as well as longer cab door handrails matching those used in the pilot scheme Class 44s (D1-D10). They carried BR green, BR green with small yellow warning panels, BR economy green and one also gained BR blue in original condition. The five locomotives were rebuilt with centre headcode panels in the late 1960s.

TMC’s exclusive versions will feature LED lighting with separate control of the cab light, tail light and headcode functions through DCC, a 21-pin decoder socket, provision for sound and an accessory pack of optional parts. Four versions are planned modelling D13 in BR green with a side strip (Cat No. 45090), D11 in BR green with a side strip and small yellow warning panels (45091), D12 in economy green with small yellow warning panels (45092) and D15 in BR blue with full yellow ends (45093).

Prices are set at £179.99 per locomotive and TMC is offering further options (charges apply) for weathering and sound installation.

Visit class-45 for more information.