Train-Tech launches new products for 2020

Train tech


Model railway technology specialist Train-Tech launched a new range of products for 2020 at the Warley National Model Railway Exhibition including Automatic Train Control, Servo Controllers, a new Accessory Decoder for the latest generation Dapol semaphore signals and a host of accessories.

Train-Tech’s Automatic Train Control (ATC) system works with analogue and DCC and uses a new relay controller (Cat No. RL1) to make use of its sensor signals to bring a train to a stop automatically. Also new is a servo controller (SV1) which can be used to operate servo motors for analogue and digital layouts. It is available as a control unit only or with a motor.

A new track tester has been introduced, TT10+, to allow it to be used with ‘OO’ gauge track and larger gauges including ‘O’ and Gauge 1. Also new for ‘O’ gauge is a 7mm scale version of Train-Tech’s useful buffer stop lights (BL3).

For ‘OO’ and ‘N’ Train-Tech has created a new battery-powered modern tail lamp (AL4) with a new flash rate to model the latest Dorman LED lanterns used on current trains. Also new for ‘OO’ is a coach lighting strip with a flickering faulty fluorescent tube (CL31/CL32) while the range of Smart Screen accessories has been increased to include a round post support and a double-sided screen enclosure.

Completing its new product list is a pair of brand new signal controllers to operate Dapol’s new servo powered bracket signals for ‘OO’ and ‘O’ gauge. The SC4 can control two Dapol signal arms through DCC and provides a stable and regulated power supply. In addition it has created an SC400 decoder which adds terminals for inputs from Train-Tech track sensors, ATC and Mimic Switches.

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