‘TT:120’ Mk 2F decorated samples

Hornby has received decorated samples of its new ‘TT:120’ BR Mk 2F air-conditioned coaches for inspection by the company’s development team.


Amongst the samples received is Mk 2F First Open M3345 in BR blue and grey, which features black corridor connections and cream folding gangway doors at the vestibule ends.

Hornby’s new range of ‘TT:120 Mk 2Fs is set to include First Opens, Tourist Standard Opens and Brake Standard Opens in BR blue and grey and InterCity ‘Swallow’ colour schemes. Similarly, a series of Mk 2E carriages are also set to appear.


Hornby’s new Mk 2F carriages are also due to be supplied with a pair of close-coupling buckeye style magnetic couplings in addition to the factory fitted standard couplings. These magnetic couplings will also be available separately.

Priced at £37.49 each, the Mk 2F carriages are currently slated to arrive in Spring 2024.

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