'Turbots' Galore


Dapol’s new ’O’ gauge YCV ’Turbot’ bogie ballast spoil wagons are due to arrive in shops shortly.

Rebuilt in the 1980s from 1960s vintage Bogie Bolster E wagons, they were added to BR’s civil engineers’ departmental fleet for use on engineering duties, particularly for bailast spoil

Dapol’s latest ‘O’ gauge wagon features separately applied details, individual side doors, stanchions, diecast metal chassis, sprung buffers and more. Six models are expected – three in ‘Dutch’ yellow and grey as DB978337/DB978407/ DB978702 (Cat Nos. 7F-043-004/005/006) and three in EWS maroon as DB978363/DB978396/ DB978309 (7F-043-001/002/003). Prices are set at £69.95 each.

Meanwhile, a second batch of Dapol’s ‘OO’ gauge YCV ‘Turbot’ wagons is due imminently.

Again six models are due, three in ‘Dutch' livery as DB978279/ DB978372/DB978105 (4F-043007/008/009) and three in EWS livery as DB978003/DB978644/ DB978411 (4F-043-010/011/012). Each is priced at £26.50.

Visit: www.dapol.co.uk.