Ju 88D-1

By: ICM Item no: 48240

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ICM’s Ju 88s are arguably the best kits available in 1/48, and while many versions have been released, this is the first reconnaissance machine, in the form of a D-1 variant. It combines runners from the original A-5 iteration (48232), plus the larger nacelles, propellers and revised canopy from the A-4 (48233), which means the moulding quality and fit is excellent throughout (although the incorrect cockpit floor is retained). Holes must be drilled into the starboard fuselage for the camera windows, but unlike Special Hobby’s D-2/4 offering (a re-boxed ICM kit with resin extras) there are no cameras or internal structure – modellers may wish to scratch-build these items. Markings are included for four aircraft:

• F6+DN, 5.(F)/122, Russia, winter 1942

• 4N+MK, 2.(F)/22, Russia, winter 1942

• A6+HH, 1.(F)/120, Norway, autumn 1941

• 7A+KH, Aufkl.Gr. 121, Libya, 1942