JAPANESE MANUFACTURER Ushi Models is a new company to AMW, but its latest resin releases, featuring a mix of 3D-printing and conventional casting, are absolute gems. The two aircraft kits are experimental interceptors for the army (Tachikawa Ki-91-I) and navy (Mitsubishi J4M) . Airframe and major structural components are supplied as cast resin items, and these exhibit delicate engraved surface detail. It’s the 3D-printed items that add the real refinement, though, with the single-piece cockpit (including integral seat, rudder pedals and control columns), while undercarriage legs are supplied as one-part units, complete with retraction arms and oleo scissors. Basic markings are provided, with just six Hinomaru - modellers should visit the company’s website ( for colour schemes.

The third offering is a 3D-printed set of 1/72 Imperial Japanese Navy aerial bombs, with two examples of the Type 98, 99, 2, 3 and 5 munitions. Each bomb comprises two highly detailed components, and pylons are also included, making this a great update set for any Japanese World War Two carrier-borne aircraft kit. This is labelled as the ‘medium’ set, denoting bomb sizes, and there is also a ‘small’ set with lighter munitions.

All three products are available either direct from Ushi’s website or via Hobby Link Japan ( and Hobby Land (www.