VIDEO: Cavalex Models BBA

VIDEO: Cavalex Models BBA

Cavalex Models has released its second 'OO' gauge ready-to-run model - the BBA steel flat. Watch a selection of samples in action on our test track here and read the full review in HM161 - on sale now.

Cavalex BBA

CAVALEX MODELS has delivered its BBA steel flat for 'OO' gauge. This impressively detailed model features exceptional underframe components, an etched mesh deck, full brake detail including discs and calipers and a choice of BR Railfreight and BR bauxite liveries too.

In this video we assembled a typical early 1990s period empty steel train featuring three of the Cavalex BBAs and a handful of BDA bolster wagons paired with Coal Sector Class 37 37049, which has clearly been seconded by the Metals sector to take charge of this rake of empties. 

Join us now to find out more about the model and read the full review of the BBA in our latest issue - HM161, November 2020, on sale from October 1 2020.