VIDEO: Centenary 'Smokey Joe'

VIDEO: 'Smokey Joe'

Amongst Hornby's 2020 centenary items is its plucky Caledonian Railway 0-4-0ST which is best known for its appearance in the Hornby catalogue as 'Smokey Joe'.

Smokey Joe

It debuted in 1980 as part of a train set in Caledonian Railway blue as well as being released in red as Desmond. In 1983 it was revised with the removal of its metal handrails to meet the need for a low cost train set locomotive in the Industrial Freight set and it has been a part of the Hornby range every year since.

56025 gained the 'Smokey Joe' legend the same year and in 2020 Hornby saw fit to return 'Smokey Joe' to its full level of detail with metal handrails once more.

Smokey Joe

The limited edition (Cat No. R3822) is restricted to 2,000 pieces and priced at £39.99. Each comes with a number certificate and is delivered in classic 1980s style packaging to mark its origination as 'Smokey Joe' in 1983.

Smokey Joe

In this video we showcase this favourite from the Hornby portfolio in action on Topley Dale.