VIDEO: Heaton Lodge Junction - Full Circle

VIDEO: Heaton Lodge
Junction - Full Circle

Exclusive images of Simon George's epic 'O' gauge layout Heaton Lodge Junction join our 30 minute video from the latest YouTube Hornby Magazine Show, offering subscribers the first chance to see pictures from our latest photoshoot for the Hornby Magazine Yearbook.

WE MADE OUR first visit to Heaton Lodge Junction - Britain's Biggest Model Railway - in January this year for its feature in HM156, but even before we had finished that visit we knew we would be back again to see the full length of the scenic section completed. Simon kindly hosted our photographic team again for the day in mid-September giving us the first chance to see the full circuit in operation and capture the latest scenic construction which he has undertaken.

This is a layout of tremendous proportions. 200ft long, 50ft wide and featuring six tracks at the busiest point on the scenic section and a 28 siding, 140ft long storage yard at the rear, it is a model beyond most of our wildest dreams. The final section that we went to see adds another 30ft of scenery - that's bigger than a lot of exhibition layouts - to complete the 200ft long scenic area.

For Simon, Heaton Lodge is about recreating his childhood memories of the past in miniature to relive his time by the lineside watching Class 31s, 40s, 45s, 47s and 56s plying through West Yorkshire at the head of passenger, parcels and freight trains. He's also quite partial to the Class 101 DMUs too. Ultimately he will be taking the layout out on tour to former department stores around the country to showcase Britain's Biggest Model Railway to a brand new audience.

For this special feature in our Great Electric Train Show Virtual Exhibition we have brought the Heaton Lodge Junction section of our Hornby Magazine Show feature video to KeyModelWorld to give you, our subscribers, direct access to just that piece. And, to sweeten it further, we've also added a handful of brand new images which were taken during our second photoshoot with Heaton Lodge in September for it to take centre stage in our Yearbook. The Yearbook is on sale from November 12 from as well as book sellers nationwide.

Without further ado, we'll leave you with a collection of images, but remember, these are just the tip of the iceberg - you might say we've saved the best for the Yearbook, though we'll let you be the judge of that. Enjoy!

Heaton Lodge

Above: A Class 40 crosses the River Calder with a Speedlink working from Healey Mills. It could so easily be 1983 again in West Yorkshire.

Heaton Lodge

Above: The dive-under bridge is one of the new features of the scenic expansion of Heaton Lodge. A Class 31 bursts out of the tunnel with a parcels working while an MGR snakes across above on the Calder Valley line.

Heaton Lodge

Above: A pair of Class 37s lead a rake of Accurascale HUOs along the main line from the Calder Valley as a Class 40 climbs up on the lines from Huddersfield. The Class 37s will use the crossovers to the slow lines to avoid a collision with the Class 40.

Heaton Lodge

Above: A Class 40 crosses the River Calder. This huge expanse of water is around 3ft wide and 4ft deep from front to back - we've seen entire layouts smaller than that!

Heaton Lodge

Above: A Class 45 leads an express towards Leeds at Heaton Lodge Junction. The length of the scenery is clear here with a pair of Class 101s in the distance by the cottages and a Class 31 on the climb up from the dive-under.