VIDEO: Locoman Sound's 'Q6' D&H sound

VIDEO: Locoman Sound's
'Q6' 0-8-0 D&H sound

In the September 2020 issue of Hornby Magazine, HM159, we show how to install Locoman Sounds Doehler & Haass 8-pin sound chip into the Hornby 'Q6' 0-8-0 and add lights and firebox flicker. Watch the video of the finished model here.

Hornby Q6

THE HORNBY 'Q6' 0-8-0 is a perfect choice for heavy freight trains on Eastern and North Eastern region 'OO' gauge layouts and in our latest sound installation guide we show our to add a Locoman Sound's Doehler & Haass sound chip, working lamp and firebox flicker to the model.

Our subject choice is 63443 which we previously weathered for a feature in HM114. The sound profile created by Locoman Sounds offers a comprehensive suite of audio functions including boiler and exhaust, coasting, whistles, water filling and more. It also had live volume control through F18 and F19 on a DCC handset making it simple to operate.

In service on our 'OO' gauge test track, the D&H sound decoder proved to be a valuable addition to the 'Q6' in offering authentic sounds recorded for the sole-surviving NER 0-8-0 63395 at the North Yorkshire Moors Railway. 

Watch the model in action here and read our full step by step guide in HM159 or by logging in to KeyModelWorld and visiting the Digital Sound section.

Hornby Q6