VIDEO: Weathering a Stanier '8F'

VIDEO: Weathering a
Hornby Stanier '8F'

In the latest video from the Hornby Magazine workshop Mike Wild demonstrates how to weather the Hornby '8F' from the latest issue's sound installation guide using Lifecolor paints, and an Iwata Ecplise airbrush. Join us now for this in-depth video guide.

The Stanier '8F' 2-8-0s were hard working freight engines and in the latest issue of Hornby Magazine we show how to install Locoman Sound Doehler & Haass 8-pin sound decoder together with a powerful speaker and firebox flicker - and you can read the full feature and watch our sound demonstration on KeyModelWorld.

To make the model all the more realistic we also added a Modelu 3D printed locomotive crew and LMS lamp, but what the model now lacked was a weathered paint finish.

HM165 Stanier 8F weathering

Above: In this video guide we explain the weathering processes used on this Hornby Stanier '8F' 2-8-0. Here the completed model of 48045 leads a rake of 16ton mineral wagons through the bridge alongside Topley Dale Quarry.

In this video tutorial we go through the weathering process with our sound fitted model of 48045 explaining all the steps along the way including the paints, tools and equipment we use, airbrushing techniques, paint modulation and more.

Throughout the video we use products available from and you can see the full list of weathering products used in the project.

We hope you enjoy the weathering video and seeing the finished model in action on Topley Dale - you can expect more weathering video tutorials on KeyModelWorld in the coming months.

Product Cat No.
Sparmax hobby spray both with extractor and turntable E-SB-88
Iwata Studio Series Smart Jet Plus handle-tank compressor C-IW-SMART-HT
Iwata Eclipse CS gravity fed dual-action airbrush IW-ECL-CS
Medea Airbrush cleaner (118ml) I-6500-04
Lifecolor Thinner (250ml) LC-THINNER-250
Lifecolor Rail Frame Dirt acrylic paint UA719
Lifecolor Burned Black acrylic paint UA736
Lifecolor Dirty Black acrylic paint UA731
Lifecolor Dirty Grease Effect acrylic paint UA262
Lifecolor Tensocrom Smoke acrylic paint TSC208
Lifecolor Tensocrom Oil acrylic paint TSC207
Lifecolor Reflecting Agent powder PG110